Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dragonica The Cutest MMORPG to hit the market!

Anyone heard of this game before? If not, read on! If yes, well.. read on too if you want a free balloon to go with your dragonica character!

What is Dragonica you ask. Let us refer to wikipedia for this

Dragonica is a 3D-action side-scrolling MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) by Barunson Interactive. Development has been ongoing since March 2006.[1] Like many online games, operation of Dragonica is relegated to different publishers for their respective regions. It is a free-to-play game with a cash shop.[4]
There you go :D

What makes this game different though is a better question. Instead of the normal maple story thingy you see. this is a game which has characters with larger than life heads and cute body. The moveset attack for the characters are also a pun on other games and are created to be cute, funny and totally unrealistic. Case in point, when the assassin sneaks around, it hide inself in a box and move around crawling metal gear stlye. :D

There are 4 type of classes available for choice. Each class will then split into two additional classes which will then evolve into 3 other class! Then there are apparently a secret path to another class for each class type! Meh! Here, check the graph for a better explanation

Warrior: As trained combatants, Warriors are similar to the Thieves in damage rate, but sacrifice a little speed in place of sheer physical hardiness.
  • Knight: Armored Tanker class with high Defense and plenty of Equips; 1-handed sword and shield
  • Gladiator: Max DPS (damage per second) fighter with high AoE skills; huge 2-handed swords

Magician: The scholarly Magician is the lowest in Vitality but high in Intelligence (spell points) and has quite balanced damage-power and speed despite their physical fragility.
  • Acolyte: Well-rounded range of spells including attacks and Group Heal; restricted to ranged attacks using Mage Staffs
  • Wizard: Specialized assault sorcerer with high DPS and weaker healing abilities; Spear-staff with limited melee attacks

Archer: The Archer, being used to trekking through the wilderness, is quite well-rounded in terms of stats-distribution; not the strongest, but doesn’t have any noticeable weak spots.
  • Hunter: Skills-heavy children-of-nature with "Summoning" Skill attacks; Longbow specialist
  • Ranger: Highly-trained military troops with fastest firing rate around; wields crossbow

Thief: Thieves, who dart through their urban environment as the fastest class, have the power necessary for street brawls but lower Intelligence (ouch) because they don't require that much mana.
  • Jester: Flashy AoE brawler with wide range of attack Skills; upgraded Thief claw and shield (in CBT)
  • Assassin: Poison-wielding subterfuge class with Burrow-attack; holds Katar blade
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Graphically wise, its a 3d background side scrolling with a 2d character. Very cute, very unorthodox.
The thing is, the whole game is yet to be launched. Its still in closed-beta and will only be open for open beta in 2 weeks time? Ah well, at least I got the closed beta key! I am gonna go in tonight if possible and grab a couple of screeny. For now though, you guyz would have to make do with the gameplay video available at over HERE

p/s: Did I mention there will be pets involved? Information is  scarce in regard about pets now but rest assured, I shall pursue more about it. I love pets!

Now to get an exclusive free dragonica balloon to go along with your brand new Dragonica character, head over to offgamer at over HERE and follow the instruction on screen to get em!

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