Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Type of Game Pirateer Are You?

There are 4 types of Game Pirateer, the first type goes like this:

Paladin Pirateer

They are the self-righteous pirateer. They condemn people on the net, hammer of justice anyone that smells remotely like a pirateer and with but a hint or a whiff of the fact that the game can,will, has or had been pirated, they will go berserk, hammer of justice anyone that smells even slightly undea.. i mean smells like a pirateer .

They are unforgiving, unforgetful, and at all times feels that they are doing the right thing. Yet they themselves know every single sites where the said pirated game can be purchased, downloaded or torrent. They are God's Men but for all we know, they themselves are a pirateer.

Assasin Pirateer

The silent one, the lonely one. The one that strikes in the darkness, the first to get a game when is out yet does nto boost about it. The one that sees no ethical boundary in pirating their games and justify it with their need to "test" the game before purchasing it. Yet when the game has been fully tested, they most probably will not buy the game

Magician Pirateer

They read, they study and then they read more on the game that they wanted to play. After all that is said and done, they will pirate the game to test it out. Followed by a huge maybe that they will buy the game, but more or less, they will be consumed by reading and knowing about other games first before coming up with the decision to buy or not to buy the game.

Warrior Pirateer

The warrior, the one that boost about the fact they pirated their game and shamelessly wear the badge of honor. They will fight anyone that even remotely condem them for their ability to pirate. The vanguard of pirateers!

There might be more to this... hmm...

-Because I Can-



fURki said...

I am the assassin pirateer xD

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