Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek

It says a lot for a movie if by the end of it, you would be going around mouthing greetings from the movie and it's hand gesture. You know which one I am referring to don't you? "Live Long and Prosper"

Star Trek sneaks up on malaysian audience, seriously. Amidst the onslaught of the three claws (Wolverine) and the oncoming never ending robots, (Terminator) Star Trek made a rather unremarkable appearance in the silver screen. There were no advertising. There were no announcement, no posters and no radio ads or contest! One day you are reading the newspaper, the next day it's there!

But let's not talk about the woe of advertisement here. Let's talk about Star Trek. Star Trek is an excellent movie. Instead of lapping into the whole Star Trek movie, continuing on the series of whatever the heck that has been around, the movie rebooted its whole series, reintroducing what Star Trek is about for the sake of none trekkies (ME) and then for the long time fans of Star Trek, they offered another line of explanation, I would not say more as it's a spoiler.

Granted, some of the mumbo jumbo trekkie talk in the movie is confusing for us none trekkies, nonetheless it is still appealing enough and a lot better than a certain 3 Claw that I shall not mention. Jokes are also liberally inserted into the movie, funny situation that appeals to trekkies and non-trekkies without feeling forced.

Overall, I loved this movie. My GF loved this movie and that is saying a lot seeing that she is female and never liked or understand what Star Wars is about. By the end of the movie, she is quoting me , "Live Long and Prosper"

Watch this movie. Its worth it.

-Live Long And Prosper-