Monday, April 21, 2008

Guitar Hero DS Confirmed

Apparently Guitar Hero DS is confirmed. Well that is interesting. What is more interesting is the fact that the game was announced on March 19. My birthday, is this an omen? Or is this a calling? Regardless, this news came 1 month and 2 days too late for me but looking at the video and the picture, I am pretty sure we will be staring at the included accessories for long nights to come. Here are some of the videos and picture I found of Guitar Hero DS

If you want more, check out the official link for more Guitar Hero Goodies

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fleeting moment with Motion Speaker

Ever had one of those fleeting moment of tiredness? Or the sense and urge to purchase things? I get one of this moments all the time. Sometime I weather through the whole thing. Sometime I just give in. Of course, if I give in, some reseller will be earning quite a sum of money.

But mostly what do I spend on though? Lets see..
Books, books, and erm.. Plushies? I prefer spending on books though. Its an instant gratification kind of feeling. That + the fact that I like to spend my time in Kinokuniya or Borders. Its calming there among the chaos and shelfs of books. Everybody respect each others privacy and need to sit down to read. No odds look when you are laughing when reading or look intense.

Some of my favorite hideouts are The Curve at Mutiara Damansara, Kinokuniya at KLCC, Borders in Times Square and of course, my room. What would best describe a good way for me to relax are music, lights and books. Which is why I have purchased one of this cool looking speaker at a cheap price of US 19.90. The speaker was previously sold at US 64.90 but I believe for the lack of good reason or review. The speakers have not sold well.

Motion Speaker US 19.90

Japan's E-revolution wants you to stay home, brother, and chill with these new Motion Speakers and mood lights. The company achieved a clean, 10-inch tall design through the use of motion sensors instead of the usual array of knobs, buttons, or switches. Just bring your hand into the vicinity of the appropriate sensor and you can either adjust the volume or tune the integrated FM radio without the overwhelming burden of having to actually touch the device. The 2x 0.7W speakers are powered off regular batteries, AC, or USB and include a mini-jack for the audio feed.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The amount of books I have

Is staggering! In a month I can purchase up to 3 books at least! One way or another, I will find a book to read just to past my time. this is especially more evident since my GF has move back to Johor Bahru. I have more free time in my hand and more boredom to deal with.

What do I do then? I read! and may god, my family member, my gf and my bank accountant be my witness. I purchase lots and lots of books and thank god I am running out of books to read. I have already devoured all books by Richard A Knaak, John Grisham, R. A Salvatore and Micheal Crichton. Right now, I am in the midst of carnage reading through Jim Butcher's novel.

To get an idea of what book I own or going to own, check out the new widget I implemented today on my side bar. If you guys have a suggestions of what books/author that is good. Do leave a note. I might need a new source of entertainment to go for.

P/S: I don't really do anything except games & books. Movies are kind of hard. Don't like to watch em alone. So I need recommendation on books!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Singapore - The Uniquely Other Side

Over the weekend I went to Johor Bahru and visited my GF, together we went to Singapore and I was struck with a few things when I reached Singapore. The contrast of the people there, the cleanliness, the amount of open spaces for people to jog around and play, the walkway for cyclist, the amount of public amenities available and the contrast between rich people and those that are struggling to get a living.

Yes, among the vast and lush living in Singapore where everyone is dressed in branded clothes, one hand holding the latest cell phone and another playing PSP or anything of that sort, there are people that are struggling to make a living. On my walk at Orchard Road, in front of Takashimaya an old lady at the age of 70 + stood there peddling anything from stationary to instant noodle and everyone is walking pass with no care or regard of her. This makes me question the fact that among the prosperity of Singapore, there are still those that struggles.

What strike me as totally heart wrenching is that she is trying to sell instant noodle. Food that she can eat, yet she stood there peddling those items for something more, why? Then there are a few of those that sat there playing musical instrument hoping someone would stop and notice them. Yet among the throng of people that shopped around Orchard Road, each holding paper bags from Esprit, Google, Isetan, Kinokuniya & various other branded items. None stopped and paid attention to those peddling items.

Then there is the sense of unreal that I get while strolling in Singapore. Men & Women walking around are both holding their cell phone or handheld console game and playing with it while shopping. Is it the kia-sunes where they want to show that they too are rich or they get bored really fast? Kind of surreal, I can relate to it if you are waiting for MRT and playing it. But while shopping? What for?

I like Singapore, I really do. The cleanliness, the amount of stuffs there and the fashion there. But there is a stifling pressure there which makes me question the whole idea.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monster Hunter Freedom Collection Art

I am again having my monster hunter fever. For the past few days, me and a couple buddy of mine has been hunting for Tigrex and Gyperos. I am also avidly hunting parts for my new swords. Having turn off my PSP, I have hunted for other Monster Hunter Parts online and this what I have found.

P/S: I have also purchased a few of those pigs Wohooo

Monster Hunter Pig Collection Trading Figure

Dynamic Monster Arts Vol. 2 Monster Hunter Pre-Painted Statue Dragon

Dynamic Monster Arts Monster Hunter Pre-Painted Statue Fire Dragon

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Gun,Light Saber, Gals & Pretty lights

A combination of the best assembled and must have props for a blockbuster movies. Guns! Light Sabers! Well known building at night with lights! and gal's heart melting dolls. Grab those items here!

On another note, I just made a pre-order for One Piece Chopper Plush Doll Type A & Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Cactuar.One for my GF & One for myself.

The Gun Part 10 Gashapon
Nohohon Plush Doll

Tokyo Tower Light Up Collection Gashapon

Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon

-Because I Can-


Friday, April 11, 2008

Invisible Shield on PSP

After much reading and thoughts coupled with interesting offer from Invisible Shield websites, I took the plunge and made an order for a set of shield for my PSP. To keep this narrative readable and make sense, I am going to write it out in a time line. Here we go

The Box! Oooohhh Shiny!

Day 1

Made order through ZAGG. Received a confirmation of order received within the hour

Day 2 – day 15

No confirmation of item sent or any of that sort. Wrote an email requesting for confirmation

Day 16

Received a reply from InvisibleSHIELD Customer Service. Confirmed that order was received 15 days ago and sent 13 days ago.

One rubber scrapper. Checked!

One solution spray. Checked!

Day 17

Received a package from InvisibleSHIELD (Talk about speak of the devil!)

This is the part where everything gets messy. After settling down for the day I took out the package and proceed to take pictures of them which you can see at the bottom.

Lots and lots of sticker. Checked!

The box comes with 5 pieces of shield and one solution to dampen them and your finger

Each piece are specifically for a part of your PSP. They also gave 1 backup piece for the screen and 1 piece for the UMD cover. I understand why later on.

I cleaned my hand as per the instruction given and cleaned my PSP too just in case there is any dirt on it. What happen next is pure sticky hell.

Day 17 (30 minutes later)

I am in a mess as I Untangle the sticker from my PSP and try to stick the sticker onto my battery cover, while trying to make the solution spray to work

Look ma! It's Invisible!

(15 minutes later)

The sticker is finally on! Phew, but that is just a small piece out of a very big part of the device

If you squint hard enough you can see the sticker line

(30 minutes onwards)

I got the other side of the sticker on and the UMD cover sticker on. But the UMD cover is an agonizing moment. This is why.

They see it fit to separate the sticker into 3 parts for the UMD cover. The outer ring, middle ring and inner circle. Common sense dictate that I stick on the inner circle first, followed by the middle ring, what I did not count on was that the sticker is stretchy. When I stick on the outer circle, it refuses to stay in line. What I have after 10 minutes of battle is an unaligned sticker on my UMD. Bah, I can do worse!

Gah! Not aligned!

It is time to tackle the face plate now. And let me just say this. What happened for the past 1 hour and 15 minute is heaven blessed compared to what will happen in the next 1 hour

(Much much later)

The face plate sticker comes in one piece and if you look at your PSP, you will see a lot of buttons. And those stickers do not cover the buttons. So to sort out the mess, you will have to really wet your finger with the solution, use all the solution onto the face plate sticker and then stick it onto the face plate. Take your time and be really, really, really patient. I have to reapply that particular part especially around the buttons a few times before I finally got it on.

And this is the end result of it

That looks half decent eh?

Not aligned... Nvm nobody will notice

Er... at least it didn't run THAT far...

After all said and done, I did not manage to break or tear any of the sticker, I have yet to apply the screen protector either. But there are quite a number of bubbles inside my PSP shield now. The instruction says that the bubble will dissolve by itself in a few days time. So I guess I will wait?

The sticker is hell to apply, the solution given by them is not sufficient and the bottle will fail you at THE most critical moment
The Invisible Shield is also scratch resistant. I tried. No scratch.
The shield does not leave finger prints or anything of that sort. In fact the only trace that its there is the not so smooth feel which is not noticeable unless you are looking, the edge of the sticker where I fail to apply proportionally and also the bubbles..
A piece of advice if you are applying this sticker. DO NOT SKIM ON THE SOLUTION! Spray it on as if its life depends on it

-Because I Can-


Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Piece Chopper Cuteness

As much as I hate to admit it, Chopper is notmy favorite character in One Piece. To me the star of the show in One Piece is Zoro, Sanji & of course Luffy. But it seems the prerequisite for making plushies, cute things and key-chains are cuteness which "only" Chopper have.

So what does that leave us with? That leaves us with over 10 plushies/keychains dedicated to Chopper and chopper alone. Check out the list and pictures below and if you want more information and picture on the items before.Click on the picture & the link above them.

Be forewarned, you will be overloaded with cuteness

One Piece Chopper Man Key Chain FigureOne Piece Plush Doll Chopper

One Piece Chopper Plush Doll Type A

One Piece Chopper Plush Doll Type B
One Piece Non Scale Pre-Painted Chopper Man

One Piece DX Chupa Chups Plush Doll: Chopper 2008 Version (Type A)
One Piece DX Chupa Chups Plush Doll: Chopper 2008 Version (Type B)
Excellent Model One Piece Neo-EX Tony 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Tony Chopper (Re-run)
Super DX High Quality One Piece Plush Doll Chopper Figure A
Super DX High Quality One Piece Plush Doll Chopper Figure B

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Plushies for the softer side of you

I admit it, I am a sucker for plushies, cute things, cuddly things and huggable things. This can be attributed to my affinity towards the bed. As much as my friends associate me to king kong ( due to how hairy my hands can be and how "huge" i am) and the fact that I am supposed to be "manly" the softer side of me keeps butting out at the wrong moment. Presenting itself especially when there are cute things around

Case in point, I would be the one dragging my GF into a plushie shops instead of the other way around. I have no aversion walking into girl's accessories shop. Its amazing on how many design they have for a simple hair clip. Try asking going into any hair accessories shop and ask for hair clip. They will drop out a huge catalog and drown you in a sea of choices.

Thankfully enough, I get my dose of cuteness from online sites and what not. Granted the choice of cute things from Play-Asia is getting more and more limited. There are still some good stuffs here and there. Here are some of the choices.

One Piece DX Chopper Plush Doll Type A $15.90

Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Tonberry $24.90

Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Cactuar $24.90

Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Moggle $24.90

Click on the picture or the title for more purchase information

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