Friday, April 11, 2008

Invisible Shield on PSP

After much reading and thoughts coupled with interesting offer from Invisible Shield websites, I took the plunge and made an order for a set of shield for my PSP. To keep this narrative readable and make sense, I am going to write it out in a time line. Here we go

The Box! Oooohhh Shiny!

Day 1

Made order through ZAGG. Received a confirmation of order received within the hour

Day 2 – day 15

No confirmation of item sent or any of that sort. Wrote an email requesting for confirmation

Day 16

Received a reply from InvisibleSHIELD Customer Service. Confirmed that order was received 15 days ago and sent 13 days ago.

One rubber scrapper. Checked!

One solution spray. Checked!

Day 17

Received a package from InvisibleSHIELD (Talk about speak of the devil!)

This is the part where everything gets messy. After settling down for the day I took out the package and proceed to take pictures of them which you can see at the bottom.

Lots and lots of sticker. Checked!

The box comes with 5 pieces of shield and one solution to dampen them and your finger

Each piece are specifically for a part of your PSP. They also gave 1 backup piece for the screen and 1 piece for the UMD cover. I understand why later on.

I cleaned my hand as per the instruction given and cleaned my PSP too just in case there is any dirt on it. What happen next is pure sticky hell.

Day 17 (30 minutes later)

I am in a mess as I Untangle the sticker from my PSP and try to stick the sticker onto my battery cover, while trying to make the solution spray to work

Look ma! It's Invisible!

(15 minutes later)

The sticker is finally on! Phew, but that is just a small piece out of a very big part of the device

If you squint hard enough you can see the sticker line

(30 minutes onwards)

I got the other side of the sticker on and the UMD cover sticker on. But the UMD cover is an agonizing moment. This is why.

They see it fit to separate the sticker into 3 parts for the UMD cover. The outer ring, middle ring and inner circle. Common sense dictate that I stick on the inner circle first, followed by the middle ring, what I did not count on was that the sticker is stretchy. When I stick on the outer circle, it refuses to stay in line. What I have after 10 minutes of battle is an unaligned sticker on my UMD. Bah, I can do worse!

Gah! Not aligned!

It is time to tackle the face plate now. And let me just say this. What happened for the past 1 hour and 15 minute is heaven blessed compared to what will happen in the next 1 hour

(Much much later)

The face plate sticker comes in one piece and if you look at your PSP, you will see a lot of buttons. And those stickers do not cover the buttons. So to sort out the mess, you will have to really wet your finger with the solution, use all the solution onto the face plate sticker and then stick it onto the face plate. Take your time and be really, really, really patient. I have to reapply that particular part especially around the buttons a few times before I finally got it on.

And this is the end result of it

That looks half decent eh?

Not aligned... Nvm nobody will notice

Er... at least it didn't run THAT far...

After all said and done, I did not manage to break or tear any of the sticker, I have yet to apply the screen protector either. But there are quite a number of bubbles inside my PSP shield now. The instruction says that the bubble will dissolve by itself in a few days time. So I guess I will wait?

The sticker is hell to apply, the solution given by them is not sufficient and the bottle will fail you at THE most critical moment
The Invisible Shield is also scratch resistant. I tried. No scratch.
The shield does not leave finger prints or anything of that sort. In fact the only trace that its there is the not so smooth feel which is not noticeable unless you are looking, the edge of the sticker where I fail to apply proportionally and also the bubbles..
A piece of advice if you are applying this sticker. DO NOT SKIM ON THE SOLUTION! Spray it on as if its life depends on it

-Because I Can-