Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fleeting moment with Motion Speaker

Ever had one of those fleeting moment of tiredness? Or the sense and urge to purchase things? I get one of this moments all the time. Sometime I weather through the whole thing. Sometime I just give in. Of course, if I give in, some reseller will be earning quite a sum of money.

But mostly what do I spend on though? Lets see..
Books, books, and erm.. Plushies? I prefer spending on books though. Its an instant gratification kind of feeling. That + the fact that I like to spend my time in Kinokuniya or Borders. Its calming there among the chaos and shelfs of books. Everybody respect each others privacy and need to sit down to read. No odds look when you are laughing when reading or look intense.

Some of my favorite hideouts are The Curve at Mutiara Damansara, Kinokuniya at KLCC, Borders in Times Square and of course, my room. What would best describe a good way for me to relax are music, lights and books. Which is why I have purchased one of this cool looking speaker at a cheap price of US 19.90. The speaker was previously sold at US 64.90 but I believe for the lack of good reason or review. The speakers have not sold well.

Motion Speaker US 19.90

Japan's E-revolution wants you to stay home, brother, and chill with these new Motion Speakers and mood lights. The company achieved a clean, 10-inch tall design through the use of motion sensors instead of the usual array of knobs, buttons, or switches. Just bring your hand into the vicinity of the appropriate sensor and you can either adjust the volume or tune the integrated FM radio without the overwhelming burden of having to actually touch the device. The 2x 0.7W speakers are powered off regular batteries, AC, or USB and include a mini-jack for the audio feed.

-Because I Can-