Thursday, January 31, 2008


Disgaea 3 Trading Figure Collection

Super Mario Bros. Light Mascot Keychain Gashapon

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Sound Drops Gashapon

Three great games, Three Great toys, Trading Figures, Keychains & Sound Drops.

Disgaea Trading Figures

Mario Keychains

Zelda Sound Drops

Again, Play-Asia has seen it right to bombard us with a myriad of different toys for the coming Chinese New Year. Time to spend the money you have yet to receive :D

More purchase information and picture, please CLICK THE PICTURE

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Final Fantasy Artificial Leather Strap With Mascot

6 type of Mascot available now, I dare not say how many is still up for sale after this. So need I say more?

The 6 mascot are as followed:


  • Mascot size: approx. 3cm
  • Total lenght: 15.5cm, strap: 8cm*1.4cm
  • Limited availability

For more Pictures & Purchase information go to HERE

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Ice Silver PSP Slim & Lite

I have in my hand, an ICE SILVER PSP Slim & Lite! So do expect some reviews on the PSP in the future together with game, gadget, accessories and PSP related news! Without further ado! Pictures pictures and PICTURES!!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Action City Wind up! While customer Wind down

Looking over at a fellow bloggers site, I caught this blog post about Action City in malaysia which has been quite rude to their customer. Not really believing this matter, I went over to the said site and found that true to the accusation, the poster (a friend of mine) which stated a fact in a very casual and simple manner was rebutted by another poster called "Wind" which is supposed to be the owner of Action City in a VERY RUDE manner. Here are a transcript of the said conversation:


Went to AC The Gardens ystd and was quite disappointed. The preorder for the Elvis bear is close even though the website states 31/1/2008
"Wind" Reply

I got to make this clear!
Don't give the wrong message to others if you don't know what is going on.
The Be@rbrick Elvis 400% is actually SOLD OUT now!
We don't need to stop taking order because of the extra RM20!

Followed by another post by Wind

To those who wish to get Be@rbrick Elvis but haven't leave their contact at our store, please call the number below to leave your contact ASAP. We are applying extra stock for Be@rbrick Elvis and should be getting some feedback by these 2 days. Customers who had left their contact with us earlier will be inform once we got any news from Medicom. This should be the last chance to get the Be@rbrick Elvis at Action City.

Call us ASAP at :

AC1U : +603-77272998
ACTG : +603-22829998

What happened next was my friend replied this

err dude calm down. I wasn't sending any wrong message, nowhere did I say that the preorder was closed because u wanted to earn the extra RM20.

I just said the preorder was closed. And it isn't updated on your website that it was sold out. So how am I suppose to know?! And your staff didn't inform me that it was sold out. So once again, how am I suppose to know?

Frankly, I dont like your accusing tone that I am sending wrong messages.

Zio further replied this

Aiya bro, I also dont want to get angry. But he suddenly come taruk me for nothing.

Jst to show there are no hard feelings around, I am going to call ACTG and see if I can get myself on that extra order for Elvis 400%.

In return, Wind wind up!

If you are not sending the wrong message to others, then you are sending the wrong message to me. You had mislead me!

No one will like the "accusing tone", neither me! If you don't like what I had wrote, that is because I'm not happy with what I had seen.
So basically he accused my friend for misleading him, in return he DID NOT apologize for his tone for being a jackass in the first place.

And to further make his post a complete ass of himself, I quote what he said, "If you don't like what I had wrote, that is because I'm not happy with what I had seen" Excuse me? The fact that my friend posted it in the first place is because he did not like what he had seen! YOU as the seller should instead find out the truth rather than ACCUSE him of being an idiot!

Finally my friend gave up and said

You know what? Whatever man. If this is how you treat your customers, then I shall not be one of yours.

By the way, I made the call as per your post and your staff told me there won't be any new orders. I told them I read on forum that I should leave my contact for them to contact me as AC will be trying to get new stock. They just said there won't be a new order as it is sold out. They didn't take down my contact.

In any case, I do not want to argue with you anymore on this public space. I believe that we should let the others enjoy this space to talk about bearbrick related stuff.

If there is anything you are unhappy with, then feel free to PM me.

On a happier note, I got myself the 2004 Christmas series and the Spawn be@rbrick. I am a happy man today.

Taken from HERE at Nineoverten
Read the whole thing in forum HERE at

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Lucky Draw

Unfortunately enough I am not giving any lucky draw but the company I am working for is. This coming sunday there will be a company lunch for chinese new year and what not. Anyway, the gist and the meat of the lunch is that there will be lucky draw.

One of the prizes is a Lavender PSP Slim. Yes you read it right. THE PSP that I wanted to buy all along.. can I hear a resounding WTF? The fun thing is this, there is not going to be only one PSP. there will be TWO of them..

The list of KNOWN higher end prizes that I know of is

2 x PSP
1 x NDSL
1 x Ipod Nano
1 x Sony Erricson Cell Phone
1 x Nikon Digital Camera

Wonder if I can get even one of those above..

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Review: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Unjustly sent to prison by an overeager judge, Sweeney Todd suffered for 15 years, dreaming of revenge and when he got it, it was as sweet as the nectar of forbidden fruit. That much I gather from the plot..

Managing to catch this show over a week ago in a preview, the movie was in short, "Maniac". And this is said in good term mind you.. When watching the movie, you cannot avoid from comparing Sweeney Todd with Jack Sparrow( CAPTAIN!) but as always, Johnny Depp is a superb actor. Being able to bring out the character, the anguish and the maniac look on his eye. Gone is all the swagger and craziness, replaced by the look of hatred and anger which best describes Sweeney Todd.

Without actually spoiling the plot, the movie is fairly interesting as there are a number of singing inside. Yeap, you read it right. Singing. In a Horor Movie... Now you know why I say the movie is maniac... Anyway, granted the lyrics of the song is kinnda off key here and there, the songs are not meant to be songs but are part of the dialog and after halfway through the movie, you would realise that the song will slowly grows on you..

The movie plot though is "twisty" so to speak. The ending is unexpected granted you can see it happening from hints and bits. I like the ending, although I must say the middle part of the story is slightly too slow for my liking and none nonsensical at times as the show reflects on why he started killing randomly ( ooops, almost spoil the story right there)

The environment is pretty cool too, although I have a bone to pick. Why is everyone sporting a geisha makeup? Their face are ash white and like every other typical bloody movie, the blood flows freely without any sign of stopping.

All in all, the only reason that I ( emphasize on me, I and myself) watch this movie is because of Johnny Depp, his performance is fool proof. The story is not half bad and the directing + the environment is pretty correct to the era ( to my limited knowledge). I would suggest watching this movie if you are

A) A fan of Johnny Depp
B) A fan of horror/Gore movie
C) Likes to watch "interesting" movie

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Pee Ass Pee Voting!

Generally enough you can see this coming from a mile away as I am preparing to purchase my very own first PSP Slim & Lite! I am still apprehensive about the whole idea of getting another handheld console but the fact that my GF is now permanently station in JB ( Can I hear a resounding cheer coming from you?) I need to get some sort of entertainment to occupy those lonely moment where I will miss her

Anyway, mushy part aside, I kinda torn between different color type of the PSP. My gf wanted pink while I am more towards White and Lavender. What do you guys think?

Voting bar is available on your left. 2 scroll down. Check em out and vote!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII New Trailer

I am buying a PSP tommorow. Nuff said.

The US version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is now available for pre-order HERE
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Budget for 2008 February

Paying for the Camera Repair. Estimated damage RM420
A Happy Chinese New Year with New Clothes for everybody: Estimated Damage RM 300
Paying the trip for my mother's birthday to bali/china. Estimated Damage RM??? (crap.. die liao)
Buying What I promised my GF. Estimated damage RM 200
A PSP for myself: Estimated damage (WHAT PSP?!?)

A Great Chinese New Year for all.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Star Ocean Second Evolution Accessories Set

I have a dilemma. Day in day out I wonder what color should I get for my "future" psp? White? Black? Lavender? Blue? or Pink?? My girl wanted the pink one which I do not mind but... really now.. Pink? Looking at my body size that is as unlikely as me walking the fashion walkway with half my clothes unbuttoned and posing for camera!

So again, I check the bible for games. The place where I find solution for it all. The place where I does most of my research before purchasing any game related item. PLAY-ASIA! I looked and looked for some PSP that might suit my taste or for something that will enhance my "future" PSP and what I found is Star Ocean Second Evolution Accessories Set by Hori! The accessory set which I am not mistaken (its all in Japanese) comes with

  • Face Plate Cover adorned with Star Ocean Design
  • Ear phone
  • UMD Case Cover
  • Screen Cleaner
Pretty neat stuff to transform your PSP piece into a manly fantasy piece from a girly Ibuyitbecausemygirlfriendswantthiscolor.

More purchase information and picture can be found HERE

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Bleach EX 3 Phone Strap Gashapon Pix

Last Saturday I received a package from Play-Asia ( yet again) Inside is this two cute little Bleach EX 3 Bugger. Key word, CUTE.

Less talking more picture. Check all of the picture I manage to snap at the bottom.

More Picture & Purchase information can be found HERE

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Train & Gun

Last week I received my purchase from Play- Asia after only 1 week of waiting time! (I moved to a new house 2 weeks ago) and BOY! Was I Disappointed!
Well just to recap, I made an order for a Sound Pot Yamanote & Osaka Loop Line Gashapon, instead of receiving Just that, I was sent MM Train No.44 Pre-Painted Gashapon! (together now) W T F .

I emailed Play-Asia and demanded that they send me what I ORDERED and Tony from PA kindly told me to email them a picture of what I received. Fair enough practice considering that some people might be unscrupulous enough to cheat PA. Anyway, I took the picture and sent to him and posted it down below for those that are interested in purchasing the train.

The train itself is not half bad. Heavy and nice but you would have to purchase a whole box set of them to get a full train because based on my short knowledge about the train, there are at least 20 different parts on them....

I also received my order of Gun Collection Gashapon 5. A fine piece of gashapon if you ask me. It comes dissembled which looks something like this and when you assemble it, It become a full fledge gun roughly 10 CM long. Which is a pretty good size for something so small. The details on it is excruciatingly correct and detailed for something which cost only USD 1.90

Picture of the Gun Collection Gashapon 5 Can be found below.

More purchase information & picture can be found HERE

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Chocobo Key Chain!

I shall let the picture do the talking. But a brief detail of this. The Chocobo can be found in XL-SHOP . Each gashapon box contains two chocobo keychain.
Do go to HERE for more purchase information

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It's A Wonderful World Soundtrack

Well, I finally got my hands on this soundtrack It's A Wonderful World . There are reasons for this soundtrack to retail at a mere 19.90 USD. It cheap coz all the song in it are short and simple . Typical game soundtrack :D

But I must say they did a superb job with the cover and all. The outer art box has a subtle hint of skull and grid on it. Very pretty, the inside cover is not bad but the CD is a bit bland as there are no design adorning it. Merely a blue color. Not nice

The song though is superb. It brings out all the emotion in the game but like all game songs, they are slightly short and does not feel predominating nice without the game in it.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Firstly, I would have to apologize for the lack of posting this few week. I have quite a few pictures and new gashapon lined up but my work has prevented me from getting home earlier then 12 am. I had worked to 3 am for the past week. But just to give a bit of indication of what I have in my library of articles, here are some.

Gashapon that was wrongly sent to me
Chocobo keychain gashapon
Gun Model Gashapon
Train model gashapon

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Bleach EX 3 Phone Strap Gashapon

Way back in July, I purchased THIS and took a few photo of them HERE. Now there is another version of them coming out. The Bleach EX2 Gashapon is made out of superb quality and the kawainess of it border on insanely cute scale.

Now 6 month later, they are comign out with Bleach EX 3 Phone Strap Gashapon. For those that missed the old one, you might want to order this one.

More Pictures & Purchase information can be found HERE

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Review: Hellgate:London

First Look of Hellgate:London by me can be found HERE

It has been 2 months since I last posted about Hellgate:London, I have gotten the game, read the book and played until 80% of the game in normal mode and frankly there is no easier way to say this but the game has SERIOUS GLITCH. But let’s not scare away any potential new gamer first now shall we?

Hellgate:London has the potential to rise above the others. To go beyond what other online games have done. It has all the right substance to entice FPS gamer and MMO gamer alike but like all new ideas, it needs to be “refined” and I do not blame the developer for screwing that part up. No sir, not yet. I would say they did a fine job in trying to blend MMO with FPS. What went wrong however is the storyline. Everything just seems wrong.


To put it into nutshell, you control a character which “stumbled” onto a dying man. He then ask you to grant his last wish. As a hero, how can you ignore that? So off you go into an adventure of unknown frontier. Then the story just fizzles. It spiral downwards to something else that makes no sense! It gives no explanation why you are the chosen one, why you are there, why the “heaven” started talking to you. One minute you will be commanded to go to some hell rift, the next you will be talking to demi god which seems to appear for no apparent reason inside the Storyline!

Fortunately, the novel Hellgate:London Exodus fills in the blank here and there. It explains what happened 18 years ago, how the first templar died and for what reason. The novel also did a fine job in pushing the limit of your imagination and your sense of purpose to finish what Thomas Cross (the character from Exodus) dies for. Quite frankly, I think the developer need to get a better writer for their in game story. Maybe Mel Odom is interested? The gameplay though is another story altogether


The first few glitches that I mentioned way back a few months ago is not as noticeable anymore, you can now hide behind walls, or between building waiting for the monster to be ambushed. Which is a good thing as sometimes, it is just not wise to go head to head against 10 of those greater demons

What more, the gameplay turns a notch up in the “start-slashing” meter when you have more than one person in your party. Yeap, as you progress in the level and party with others, the game adjust the difficulty level to scale both you and your partners level. So if your partner is a few level significantly higher than you, it might be best for you to sit back and watch the show as you will get creamed easily.

How about the variety of demon though? Disappointingly enough, there is really not THAT much of a different demon available. Its the same old same old demon after a while. Granted, I got a shock when a demon “evolve” and change into a greater demon. It is kind of cool but it’s just not enough. I would suggest that they add in more variety of different demon just to spice up the game a bit. Better yet, throw in wave and wave of them which comes none stop to really push the button on Demon Hacking.

Quite frankly, I am slightly disappointed with the FPS part of the HGL as the soft targeting makes the game easier than before. There is no extra damage if you pop off the head of the demon compared to the arm. It all depends on your “critical” chances which kinds of turn everything side way for FPS player. All you need to do is just point and shoot. And wa la! The demon is dead. BORING

This is why I turned to play Blademaster instead. Blademaster is the in your face damage dealer. This also means that the demon will be in your face too, which generally turns up the excitement a notch up. The damage dealt by a blademaster is ridiculous, but so is the damage taken. So if you are a risk taker, go for blademaster. If you prefer safe gaming, go for any gun wielder.

But I must say, the developer did an amazing job with the creation of all the bosses. The bosses looks menacing and scary enough to make you think twice before attacking. If only the same can be applied for all the other demons design to make more "menacing" looking demon. Most demon looks more alien than demon to me. Maybe there is not enough evilness in them? Or too many hi-tech attack?


The music is slightly, how do I say it? Inappropriate? Well, the tune is dark and menacing coupled with some exciting beat here and there. But just as you are getting into the mood. The music turn silent. Nothing. Nada. Zip. What a party spoiler. It would have been better if they could have looped the music round and around instead of playing it intermediately. Did I also mention that the music is short? No? It’s short. There you go.


Ahh, the heart of a game. Some gamer swear by the Graphic before Game oath. And I would say HGL has a decent set of graphic. As mentioned in my last review. The graphic for HGL is handled fine in my 2 year old laptop. You could do the normal hoo haa adjustment in the setting but I find that setting everything in medium in my laptop will churn out a pretty decent graphic. Granted, when the whole thing goes to hell with all the demon, your graphic will drastically be dragged down to hell (pun intended). But if you have a decent Graphic Card, I would say Churn on the full graphic and let this baby rip!


There is no easy way to put this but HGL is still bugged, there are quite a few problems here and there but the fact remains that the game is sailing on uncharted waters. I can forgive them for the glitches. In fact, the way they are handling it is not half bad as they are vigorously patching HGL to further fix the game. So my conclusion is, if you are still debating to get this game or not. Grab it if you have extra money to spend. Hold on if you are going to be using your lunch money to buy as there will be a big patch to patch this game. Maybe then it’s worth typing your stomach for this game.

But if you are debating to get this or BF2142, I would still go for this.

P/S: All pictures are taken from the net. If I have taken one of your picture. I am sorry and you did a great job with the pix :D

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