Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bleach Phone Strap

The summer sales on Play-Asia has just ended and boy did I manage to grab a few stuff. Some nice, others are more suited to be in the dustbin. I would dwell on the dustbin stuff later on.

One of the Items that I have NO REGRET of getting is this Bleach Phone Strap. Frankly I am surprised at the quality of it all but boy this thing is Awesome with a capital A! I got myself this fellow here while my friend got himself an Ichigo in Bankai mode! WOhoo! 2 of the only fellow with their sword out! How cool is that!

Anyhow, More pix. Less talk. Got you.
You want one of this baby? Click thy link below!

Bleach EX 2 Phone Strap Gashapon

P.S: I know my fingernail is dirty damn it!