Thursday, July 12, 2007

Character: Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt Do'Urden, one of the most confused character I have ever encountered in a book. He was born in a society of darkness. Where killing is revered, enslaving others are a trade and every dark corner of the shadow means 3 blade waiting to slice a person's throat apart. Drizzt himself is an optimistic person. Although born and thought to be as ruthless as possible. He despise the society he lives in and strives to help anyone and everyone. He has vow never to kill a single humanoid. Except for Orcs,Goblins and various other evil incarnation.

Drizzt carries a magical figurine (a "Figurine of wondrous power (Onyx Panther)"), which summons his Black Panther called Guenhwyar, Guenhwyar is superbly intelligent and is the closest allies to Drizzt.

His main weapons are his two scimitars, named Twinkle and Icingdeath. Twinkle is a magical elven-forged blade. It emits a blue hue when held, reflecting the starlight its creator held dear. It is now known by Drizzt that he can control its light by so willing it. Icingdeath was found in the treasures of a white dragon of the same name, whom Drizzt and Wulfgar slew together in the first series of Icewind Dale Trilogy. It gives its wielder protection from any form of fire. Before this in the first Trilogy of the Legend of Drizzt, he weilds 2 scimitars forged by the greatest smith in Menzoberranzan and taken from the armory of the house of Do'Urden. The weapon served him long and well before it finally broke when he left the dark world of the underdark.

What really interest me in this character is how confused he can be, how he strive to see the good in everyone even though some would be repulsed by that idea alone.How he live alone before he found his companion. The length he goes to, to protect the one closest to him, how angst he was when he battled his mentor in scimitar and finally forced to watch his mentor/father die in an effort to save Drizzt's life. His skill with his scimitar can be said as a dance that is as elegant as a flowing water yet deadly. When he wields his scimitar, it has been said that quite a number of people will be mesmerized at how fast it twirl and how it dance a dance of death.

For those interested in him, you might want to look around for the novel. The Legend Of Drizzt.
Start from the first book in the legend series and you will be surprised of what you find there.