Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Carrefour Rush!

ITS P DAY! Aye, A lot of kids and adults are screaming in delight or Anguish depending on whats happening to them. And yes, Today is POTTER day!

2 thing first.

Carrefour and Tesco decided to sell the FINAL Harry Potter book at a 40 ringgit discount to consumer. Aye, They are selling it at RM69.90. Thats 20 USD FYI. Anyway, This of course created quite a huge uproar among the 4 retailer. MPH, Popular, Times and Harris bookstores. They have decided to not sell the Last Harry Potter book as a show that they are not marking up the price to RM109 on purpose. Kudos to them you say.

I say they just shot themselves in the foot. 7 times too. As you can see, Kinokuniya and Borders are continuing to sell it. Carrefour and Tesco does not feel the sting at all. The ONLY person that got affected is the readers itself. Not a smart move.

Read more about it HERE.


I woke up at 6.30 this morning, confident that no one will be lining up at the Carrefour in Sri Petaling. Reaching there at around 6.50, my confident was further reinforced with the lack of car there. I was screaming in joy and silently celebrating my small victory.

Boy, was I ever so wrong.

No biggie, I calmed down and lined up. And for the 2nd time in that day, I am confident that all this will proceed calmly and orderly. Meh, I was wrong again. And this is what happened next

1) The shutter opened
2) The auntie and uncle in the front Sprinted across the first 6 feet into the entrance, rolled under the still opening shutter, Jumped up ala Jacky Chan style and sprinted for the Harry Potter book!
3)Orderly line was gone, everyone was running at this point
4) Grab the book and line up at the counter again after some treasure hunt inside Carrefour. ( They kept the book in some obscure place)
5) I was prepared to fling a bottle of Red Bull at the first person that screamed " I GOT THE BOOK", Thankfully the projectile stay in my bag and they left the scene unscathed.
6) You know who got the first book and paid for it? An Auntie. A very OLD auntie. I guess all those jogging helps huh.
Thats a LONG Queue...
Everyone is either eagerly flipping through the book or trying to look as normal as possible
Check out the Queue !
Anyway, The first 100 person that bought the book will be able to get a free gift. I was fully prepared for some funky Harry Potter style paper bag or something. But... Let's just say today is Not my day.

Nice bag is a good start to nice stuff.. Right? NOT!
A colouring book and a Pen! WTF
At Least this one is nice


mr-penman said...

LOL~ colouring book FTW!!!

Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

hey, at least if you are bored, you can...colour the vegetables. XD

I bought my HP7 from Borders (preorder) ~_~ the launch "party" was so-so only.

SWATおかみ said...

LOL! Kudos to you! XD Congratulations! You are a WINNER! :P