Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Animal Crossing Plush Doll

Remember the summer sales? It was not THAT long ago. Around a week ago? Anyway. During that time, I helped a friend of mine to purchase the Animal Crossing Plushie. He has been going berserk with buying plushie here and there. And no, It's not for his GF. Read HERE to know more

I am currently holding both his plushie due to the fact that he is too far from me to pass it to him. And you would really have to believe this. He have been pestering me for picture of the Plushie for the past *check calender* 4 days. Yeap, he is that anxious to find out how they look. So here they are, in all their glories!

Animal Crossing Plush Doll - Model C (Tom Nook)

Animal Crossing Super DX Plush Doll 2: Mr. Resetti

Tom Nook looks so sad..
Gah! Its Mr Resseti! He has found me!