Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Review: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Unjustly sent to prison by an overeager judge, Sweeney Todd suffered for 15 years, dreaming of revenge and when he got it, it was as sweet as the nectar of forbidden fruit. That much I gather from the plot..

Managing to catch this show over a week ago in a preview, the movie was in short, "Maniac". And this is said in good term mind you.. When watching the movie, you cannot avoid from comparing Sweeney Todd with Jack Sparrow( CAPTAIN!) but as always, Johnny Depp is a superb actor. Being able to bring out the character, the anguish and the maniac look on his eye. Gone is all the swagger and craziness, replaced by the look of hatred and anger which best describes Sweeney Todd.

Without actually spoiling the plot, the movie is fairly interesting as there are a number of singing inside. Yeap, you read it right. Singing. In a Horor Movie... Now you know why I say the movie is maniac... Anyway, granted the lyrics of the song is kinnda off key here and there, the songs are not meant to be songs but are part of the dialog and after halfway through the movie, you would realise that the song will slowly grows on you..

The movie plot though is "twisty" so to speak. The ending is unexpected granted you can see it happening from hints and bits. I like the ending, although I must say the middle part of the story is slightly too slow for my liking and none nonsensical at times as the show reflects on why he started killing randomly ( ooops, almost spoil the story right there)

The environment is pretty cool too, although I have a bone to pick. Why is everyone sporting a geisha makeup? Their face are ash white and like every other typical bloody movie, the blood flows freely without any sign of stopping.

All in all, the only reason that I ( emphasize on me, I and myself) watch this movie is because of Johnny Depp, his performance is fool proof. The story is not half bad and the directing + the environment is pretty correct to the era ( to my limited knowledge). I would suggest watching this movie if you are

A) A fan of Johnny Depp
B) A fan of horror/Gore movie
C) Likes to watch "interesting" movie

-Because I Can-