Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star Ocean Second Evolution Accessories Set

I have a dilemma. Day in day out I wonder what color should I get for my "future" psp? White? Black? Lavender? Blue? or Pink?? My girl wanted the pink one which I do not mind but... really now.. Pink? Looking at my body size that is as unlikely as me walking the fashion walkway with half my clothes unbuttoned and posing for camera!

So again, I check the bible for games. The place where I find solution for it all. The place where I does most of my research before purchasing any game related item. PLAY-ASIA! I looked and looked for some PSP that might suit my taste or for something that will enhance my "future" PSP and what I found is Star Ocean Second Evolution Accessories Set by Hori! The accessory set which I am not mistaken (its all in Japanese) comes with

  • Face Plate Cover adorned with Star Ocean Design
  • Ear phone
  • UMD Case Cover
  • Screen Cleaner
Pretty neat stuff to transform your PSP piece into a manly fantasy piece from a girly Ibuyitbecausemygirlfriendswantthiscolor.

More purchase information and picture can be found HERE

-Because I Can-