Monday, January 14, 2008

Train & Gun

Last week I received my purchase from Play- Asia after only 1 week of waiting time! (I moved to a new house 2 weeks ago) and BOY! Was I Disappointed!
Well just to recap, I made an order for a Sound Pot Yamanote & Osaka Loop Line Gashapon, instead of receiving Just that, I was sent MM Train No.44 Pre-Painted Gashapon! (together now) W T F .

I emailed Play-Asia and demanded that they send me what I ORDERED and Tony from PA kindly told me to email them a picture of what I received. Fair enough practice considering that some people might be unscrupulous enough to cheat PA. Anyway, I took the picture and sent to him and posted it down below for those that are interested in purchasing the train.

The train itself is not half bad. Heavy and nice but you would have to purchase a whole box set of them to get a full train because based on my short knowledge about the train, there are at least 20 different parts on them....

I also received my order of Gun Collection Gashapon 5. A fine piece of gashapon if you ask me. It comes dissembled which looks something like this and when you assemble it, It become a full fledge gun roughly 10 CM long. Which is a pretty good size for something so small. The details on it is excruciatingly correct and detailed for something which cost only USD 1.90

Picture of the Gun Collection Gashapon 5 Can be found below.

More purchase information & picture can be found HERE

-Because I Can-


tokyo_nights said...

I ordered 5 guns, had two pairs of the same type but different colours. And didn't manage to get any with a laser sight.

Reveur said...

Same, I ordered 2 more, got 1 Ak and another of those M16 but different colour. Bleh what a cheap way of making us buy more :(