Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lucky Draw

Unfortunately enough I am not giving any lucky draw but the company I am working for is. This coming sunday there will be a company lunch for chinese new year and what not. Anyway, the gist and the meat of the lunch is that there will be lucky draw.

One of the prizes is a Lavender PSP Slim. Yes you read it right. THE PSP that I wanted to buy all along.. can I hear a resounding WTF? The fun thing is this, there is not going to be only one PSP. there will be TWO of them..

The list of KNOWN higher end prizes that I know of is

2 x PSP
1 x NDSL
1 x Ipod Nano
1 x Sony Erricson Cell Phone
1 x Nikon Digital Camera

Wonder if I can get even one of those above..

-Because I Can-