Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Not so Special Special Edition PSP

For most that know me, they should know by now my "obsession" to purchase a PSP. Don't ask me where that come from, heck. Don't even ask me why I suddenly wanted to purchase a PSP. I just wanted to.

Then again, it might have something to do with all those games that I didn't get to play or all those PS2 game that I never had. Maybe it's all those new games that are coming out this year in 2008.

Anyway, to quell my obsession I took a look at Play-Asia to expand my knowledge on PSP. Bad move, I discovered a few cool looking Special Edition PSP. Its no Crisis Core pack but it still looks dashing enough to get me all...

Cough anyway, Check out this two special edition PSP

Star Ocean: The First Departure (Eternal Edition w/ PSP-2000 Console)
a Felicia Blue PSP adorned with Star Ocean logo at the back not half bad but I don't like the star thingy. Looks weird..

More Pictures & Purchase information can be found HERE

Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Axis no Kyoui
Will be launched in February this year. One of the newer edition of PSP in Red, ( I dare say they are taking a leaf out of NDSL book) This one looks a bit.. weird.. If you know what I mean. The red colour looks revealing but also less PSP and more DS. The back though did a nice job with the design. Granted its not really that nice but its still something isn't it? ( I am running out of reasons to stop bashing this PSP )

More Photo & Purchase information can be found HERE
Well, after the disastrous not so special, special edition PSP. I think I will be purchasing the Lavender Purple PSP. I know its a bit girlish but its either that or the Pink PSP. Thats what my gf says. And quite frankly. I find both appealing. Its not a matter of manliness but its for a fact that the Lavender Purple PSP is quite nice! So is the pink one!

More Picture & Purchase information can be found HERE

-Because I Can-


Dyna-Storm said...

Saw the Star Ocean Edition PSP at one of the game stores on Monday. Looks good *cough* really good *cough* must buy *cough*

Anonymous said...

Well, the soon to be released but just delayed monster hunter psp slim kicks arse - copper/bronze in colour with monster etchings on the back.
The already available simpsons ltd edition has nice contrasty yellows and white, but sadly does not even have any simpson's related markings, not even a name or a donut.