Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Densha Otaku New Year Gift!

It is now 2008! What better ways to start the year than to hit it off with some quirky 2008 japanese gift for your close friend, new friends, lost friend and er.. friends?

Anyway, I took a look at Play-Asia and found some of this "intersting" japanese stuff for sale. Fans of Densha Otaku will be happy to know that this gifts will propel you closer to your own Hermes!

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Gun Collection 5 Gashapon, a 60 to 100mm long gun replica with 4 different types of Guns (+1 secret version gun that comes with laser pointer) and a small case of bullets
Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947, Howa Heavy Industry Type 89 Assault Rifle, Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Mod 0 & Ingram Mac-11

Cool stuff to shoot that pervert on the train.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Sound Pot Yamanote & Osaka-Line Gashapon, as the name suggests, this is the "Official" Sound Pot Yamanote & Osaka-Line Gashapon with 7 different station name. Truth to be told, I have absolutely no idea what the heck is this supposed to do. But hey, as long as its japanese and add in a bit of the -ness into your japanese. Its as good as a holy amulet of japan!

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To help with those japanese aura, why not get the full set of this MM Train No.44 Pre-Painted Gashapon . It looks like every other train, but it is not! Its JAPANESE TRAIN! Densha Otaku! Here you go! 4 different train types, totalling up to 20 parts! Start counting your money as this set will gonna cost a BOMB!

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Kaomozi-kun Emotions Phone Strap , Yes! For those that are not familiar with this, this is the smiley face popularized in Japan. For those that read Densha Otaku manga/novel/anime this will be a familiar sight. ( amazing what they can do with a few symbol here and there ) the emoticon has over 18 type of emotions and each with their unique emotion! (pun intended)

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-Because I Can-