Monday, October 22, 2007

First 5! - Hellgate: London

UPDATE Jan 2 2008: A continued Review of Hellgate: London can be found HERE

I am smitten. It has been sometime since I found an FPS game that runs well on my Acer Ferrari 4000, looks good and are interesting to boot. I downloaded the DEMO for it and boy, even the download speed impresses me. Granted, for others its a normal speed. But the speed I get is 100kb per sec. Very fast for me. Anyway, besides the praises of how it is nice and all that.Lets move on to the game play shall we?

The graphic is nice. On my laptop it looks amazing actually. The detail is there, the shadow is scary and the light flicker is terrorizing me. Granted, it does hell to my laptop when I crank everything up, so I tune it down a notch and it run beautifully. Then there is the game play. This is the part where certain aspect mess up. Demo Single player only allows me to play with Blademaster and Gunmen. Blademaster is basically a warrior with high defense and good attack. Gunmen are high attack with low defense. (Think archer)

I played both class briefly and found my calling in being a gunmen. The aiming is not bad, but the whole thing feel glitch. At times you can shoot between two very huge object and take out the demon on the other hand, but at times, you cant even shoot between a tin can! The aiming is hell too, I aimed at a box and the bullet hit 2 feet to the side. This is the where the saying " You can't hit a barn with a shot gun even if its right in front of you" comes in. Then there is the grenade, throwing a grenade means you throw it and hope it lands on whatever you are aiming for because most throw that I made at the same location at the same altitude ends up at a different place. Cool eh? Took me at least 3 try before I can land it where I want it. Granted, the grenade is powerful. I can take out a cluster of demons in one shot with one grenade.

And the AI, goodness, at times the AI are smart. They can come at you with a vengence but at times, the glitches are amazing. There is one particular demon that jumps at you when it sees you. So the correct thing to do for me would be to hide behind a huge wall or inside a building. But guess what, the demon "phase" through (or as some would say it, glitch through ) the wall and attack you!

But what makes this game interesting to me is the Skill tree ala Diablo/ WoW style. You learn certain skill via a pre-set of skills that link to each other, you get to add stats every time you level up. This gives you a choice to customize your character to whichever you see fit and I like that features. It allows us a certain flexibility and individuality. The weapon looks cool, different "availability" of different item are classified via color. Common items are in grey, uncommon item in green, rare item in blue, and I would assume very rare item in red while legendary item in orange ala WoW style.


The game is not without its fault. Glitches here and there, the graphic are superb for an old pc but will look normal on most high end pc.The gameplay is an interesting concept which can still be refined.

Granted, the first look does not look good for it, I will be buying this game when it comes out. The game is not perfect but its still very good.The concept of it is interesting and the availability to play it online with your buddy makes it nicer.If you are planning to either get battlefield 2142 or this, I would go for this.I had 2142 and I prefer Hellgate over BF 2142.