Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worse McDonald EVER

The term Fast Food means the food are served fast and hot. Something that Mcdonald are well versed in. They have a standard practice of throwing away any burger that are pass the 15 minute mark. ( if i am not mistaken ) that is why you see most burger have the time marked on them or they are not left around waiting for customer to come and are prepared based on the volume of customer at that time.This is not the case in Mcdonald Berjaya Times Square Malaysia.

I have been told that the Mcdonald in Berjaya Times Square is not up to standard. I personally felt that they suck but I figure its just a matter of not enough manpower and bad batch of soft drink ( my drink was warm and gasless ) I went there again today figuring that McD will served my food fast, the warm food warm and the cold drinks cold. I was disappointed yet again.

The burger came out slightly warm, the drink was not cold. The ice is all melted, the soft drink does not have any "gas" in it and the services could not cope with the volume of customer there. One would have figured that they would have solved the problem by expanding, or hiring more people or upgrading their services. But no.. after more then 3 years (or was it 2?) the problem still persist.

And its not for the lack of manpower mind you. The waiter are abundance. In fact its overflowing. You can see 3 people trying to fill in drinks, two trying to get some sundae ice cream done, two packaging the fries and 3 manning the counter. The problem is. ITS NOT COORDINATED! The manager looks like she came out of a fever or a good fuck and have no idea what she is doing. She manage to get the whole order wrong from a machine which is idiot proof. ( Which says a lot about her )

The staff are basically getting onto each others way and getting nothing done. The cashier is doing what they are supposed to do. Cashing and not preparing any food. The lines are disorganized, orders are taken and the customer are shoved to the side to welcome the next person in line with no indication on what happen next. ( Clue : you are supposed to tell us or serve us! )

If any of those Mcdonald staff is reading this. Get your management down to Berjaya Times Square, Grill the manager in charge for incompetence. ( Clue : She is working the afternoon 4 pm session on Oct 16 2007. Check the Roster for her name! ) Hire new staff to replace those cumbersome staff. ( Clue: More does not mean better )

Oh and change the fucking soft drink machine. Its without "GAS"!