Monday, October 8, 2007

Zelda DS Lite Blue & White Mod

Remember THIS post way back in May 2007? Quite a few people lamented about the lack of such mod anymore in the market. Well, if you are still interested there is another mod alike this one currently on sale in E-Bay HERE

Zelda modded way back in May 2007

15% of the proceed from this sale will be given to Child's Play charity. Quite frankly the color looks at odd with each other and I see no familiarity of the mod with Zelda game. Blue and flashing green light? Bleh.. But anything goes if the mod is from Zelda and part of the earning are given over to charity.

What are you waiting for? Time to bid! The bidding price now is at $ 285. Not a bad deal for such a mod.

Click HERE for more purchase infromation


Michael said...

The eBay auction has been moved to: