Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figures Vol. 1

3 Months in TBA
2 Months in Pending
1 Month in Coming Soon

After finally 6 month ( maybe less, I was exaggerating ) the Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figures is out. The figure compromise of 5 heroes from the Final Fantasy series

Cloud Strife - Lead character in Final Fantasy VII
Yuna - Female lead in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2
Vaan - Sky pirate from Final Fantasy XII and FFXII Revenant Wings
Penelo - Accompanies Vaan on his adventures and explorations
Rinoa Heartilly - Stalwart of the rebel force in Final Fantasy VIII

Each piece are around 6 CM high. Think of it as a fancy chess piece. Although you would need another two piece of figure to make the game work... Which is where the Vol 2 of Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figure will come in.

More purchase information can be found HERE