Monday, October 15, 2007

You no take Candle!

I took a break from gaming this week and revisited some old stuff. I replayed Children of Mana which arguably is not the best game of the Mana series, ( so says every other critics) which I like due to its simple straight to the point. kill the monster, get up to the next level and kill more monster.

The break also allowed me the time to visit my uncle at his home. A fu*kin huge place if you ask me. But what took a turn of interest in me is what my auntie is cooking in the backyard. Candles. Yeap, and I also had a chance to made one for my GF. A very romantic gift if you ask me. :D

Anyway, to back into the history, the candle making process is a no brainer thingy. Get this and mix it into that. But to make those ornamental candle you see in your everyday mall with flowers and decoration inside. That one is a bit tricky. I manage to snap some picture of how the process goes. Its actually still a no brainer. The chemical can be purchased from ASACHEM if you are in Malaysia.

This is the step by step picture tutorial of how to make your very own candle from the chemical that can be purchased from ASACHEM. Here goes :

1: The chemical is in gooey form. You scoop up the amount you want
2: Boil it in any regular stove until it turn into liquid
3: Put in whatever coloring you want into the solution to dye the wax
4: Wait till its truly liquid and then
5: Pour it into a see through container, preferably a glass
6: you can add whatever you want into the cup before pouring the wax in to give it a bit of decoration
7: The resulting creation from my hand. Never believed I can create something as beautiful as this. Ah...

Candle making chemical can be purchased from

Tel: 603 - 8734 5998