Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Of Sword, Bow and Magic

If there is a fantasy character that you would associate yourself to or one that you would be. Who would it be? Or better yet. What would you like to be? Of late, I have been veering towards double scimitar with bow and arrow. This by no means is due to my obsession with Drizzt Do’Urden. No no, au contraire I have always wondered how it feels like to wield dual sword with a bow across my back.

My first character in World of Warcraft was a hunter. I was obsessed with dual sword that looks bad ass but are bad in fighting. I can kill with the looks of my character but never with my weapon. I even took up learning archery in real life and partake actively as a member of an archery club. Rising through the rank as the president of my club (I am showing off, I know) but the art of archery is an expensive art. Barely a year into it, I abandoned it due to the expensive nature of the game and the fact that I just don’t look like Legolas.

Then I thought about picking up Kendo, Japanese style of sword fighting which requires a full minded discipline and a steady hand with a very good stamina. I even went to enquire the cost of the art, and from what I found out. Learning the art is free. They do not charge at all. Its getting into the art that cost you. A full set armor can run as high as RM 2000! The Shinai ( Japanese Bamboo Sword ) cost a hundred or so each and you would have to exchange it every 3 month! WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I would run into bankruptcy before I even start to learn the art (Yes, I am THAT poor).

So here I am, sitting in front of the computer yet again. Dreaming about how fun it would be to cross sword or shinai with another. Wondering how cool I would look in a full set armor wielding a sword with a bow and arrow strapped across my back.

Then again, I have always wondered about the arcane art. Or magic, for those that are not familiar with it. I have written a number of short story which depict of a short gnome which is crazy and sarcastic yet wield a formidable control of magic. I have written of dark tails where kingdom are brought down from its perch with an elven warrior wizard as its downfall.

If all there is to choose for me to be, I would choose to be a wizard. An elven wizard. There is just that twinge of mysterious air within the confine of those tree huggers. Then again. They have pretty lights. And I have always been a sucker for pretty lights. And robes too. Long flowing robes with hooded cape. Now that would make me look all mysterious and cool. Plus, It covers me up and make me look more imposing then I am.

Well, this is all but a daydream and a rant. But it never hurts to dream and rant does it?