Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dragon Quest Monster: Joker

I have a sudden urge, sudden yearning to want to play this game. Maybe its all the article and hands-on first impression article that I have been reading about. But its there. The feeling, the nagging clawing cold finger of impatience is crawling all over my conscious begging me, demanding me and making me yearn and crave for the game Dragon Quest Monster: Joker!

Oh November 6th! When shall you arrive?!

IF you are as crazy as I am, click HERE to make your pre-order of Dragon Quest Monster: Joker

*Disclaimer note = The writer should regain a sense of normalcy after the 6th of November when he cradles the game in his loving arm. As of now, the writer is hugging the print out of Dragon Quest Monster: Joker US Box art.