Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mario Kart ,Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear

I finally got my Mario Kart gashapon today! Wohoo! it took 4 month for a fellow gaming blogger to deliver the little piece of mischievous to me. A myriad of reason was given to me when it fail to reach my hand. Forgot to bring lar, store in cold storage lar, not in the mood lar, boeing 707 me lar.

But it all matters not now as it is finally in my hand! Muahahah! My Wario will now have a playing partner in the form of Mario! ( ok that sounded gay ) Granted, the pair of them will be zooming around my desktop for the days to come and providing much needed distraction for colleague from gazing upon what I am doing in my monitor. Kekeke

This morning, I happened on a battered up compact car. The car looks like Jeremy Clarkson went through it with a hammer ( which he probably did, check out the video below )

he car then forcefully insert itself into the traffic and taking a spot right in front of me. Not that I mind, but its just that, can't you take care of your car? I mean come on! Your car looks like it went through heaven and hell with Jeremy Clarkson! Tsk

Anyway, on a brighter note. Top Gear season 10 is now on air, it seems they have yet to lost their charm and sarcasm. Captain slow though have been a bit... slow. No pun intended. His joke is monotonous and it seems he is the butt of all the jokes by Jeremy and Richard.. Oh well! Buck up Captain Slow!