Sunday, May 20, 2007

DS Lite Legend Of Zelda Mod

This baby puts any other mod to shame. I ain't kidding man. Custom made by freakf-ingtastik ( quite a mouthful ain't it?), the fellow airbrushed an Onyx Black DS Lite console in an 18 step process with a Gold Zelda like paint which resulted in a brilliant two-tone color. To complement the DS Lite, The custom charger stand was also airbrushed with an 18 step process! ( Thats a HUGE amount of work)

For the metal die cast shield crest, it is originally a Dark Gunmetal color. Sandpaper was used to removed the dark gray coating, exposing the metal beneath while leaving the edge in the original form giving it a high level of depth with details ( I had no idea what that means, quoted from his site but damn it looks nice!)

The metal crest is also backlit by a white LED, casting a gorgeous light against it. Whats cooler, the back light will only activate when its charging! No harm done to your battery playing time and you can finally charge in STYLE. Oh by the way, the crest can be rotated. Talk about coolness

Link to the Ebay HERE

Link to his site HERE