Friday, May 18, 2007

Kingdom Hearts 2 or Jump Ultimate Superstar?

I am giddy. Yes sir I am. I just found two very nice art book/post card by and Kingdom Hearts II: Post Card Book and Jump Ultimate Stars Postcard Book . Jump Ultimate star has been out for quite some time. It was thrown into the New Year sales basket somewhere around February and was snapped up in an instant. Now its back again at Play-Asia. The book features over 41 postcard with artwork from each manga found in the Jump Comic and also Jump Ultimate Stars DS Game A short review of it can be found here at Nineoverten

I am more interested in the Kingdom Hearts II: Post Card Book though reason being it looks erm.. Cooler? Apparently the KH 2 post card book comes with 27 extra wide postcards, featuring colorful illustrations and game graphics, printed on extra heavy card stock, and an 8 page monochrome character profile gallery. Its more then a Post Card. Its a collection book! I am torn man, seriously I do not know which one to get..

Ok fine. I want to get the Kingdom Hearts Post Card book but is it worth the buy? Or should i just keep all that and get a Tamagotchi for my pig?

P/S: Click ON the YELLOW thingy to see the pix!

Edit: Woops, too late. Already got the Kingdom Hearts II. Reason being its an art book and I am an artistic person ^ ^