Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mario, Mario and er, More Mario?

I found something really cool in a nearby shopping mall last few days. But before I get into that I will talk about Mario erm "toys" which was recently released in where else but Play-Asia.

Well, I seriously have nothing to say, kind of tired of all this plushie, more plushie, and er.. plushies? But it seems a succesfull formula have no reason to be abandoned. Hmm.. Anyway, this time they decided to mix and match a little of the Mario formula. Say hi to Mario Plushie! Eh.. No. I mean Mario Plush Doll Phone Strap! and Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: Power Mushroom!

The Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: Power Mushroom apparently shakes when its being hit by sunlight. Solar powered moving mushroom anyone?

Anyway, for convenience sake( I know none of you even bother to read what I say) I have listed down all the new available Mario item.

Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: Power Mushroom
Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: 1Up Mushroom
Mario Bros. Plush Doll Phone Strap - Mushroom
Mario Bros. Plush Doll: Super Mushroom

P/S: Did you guyz know that the Mario Kart DS Racing Collection Part 2 is still available?