Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Animal Crossing,Gay or High on Drugs?

I wanted to buy either Crazy Redd or Tom Nook the other day. So I asked around for opinions. One of the opinions I got was, this.

The conversations goes something like this

R: Hey, which one should I get? This ? Or This?
J: Huh, hold on
R: Ok
J: Tom looks as if he is gay.
J: Redd looks as if he is high on drugs
R: WTF? How can you come to that conclusion?
J: Yeah lar! Damn gay!
R: =.="

So a note for you all. Never asked others whats their opinion of a totally innocent character. They will forever tarnish your thoughts about them. On that note, Check out this article found on Kotaku

Quoted from Kotaku

An little 11-year-old girl in Inverbervie Scotland and her mother were shocked when one of the colorful characters in the child's Animal Crossing DS game had called her a 'fucking cow'. As children these days are taught the 'screenshot or it didn't happen' rule from an early age, they were lucky enough to capture the precious moment for UK's Metro news.


zeRoRo said...

Uiks.. Can we get that screen during gameplay?

Reveur said...

Erm, well i donno man.. You would have to ask zoro

Pr1me_Minister said...

I experimented with putting swear words and racist term into AC, and the game censor some of them. I wonder how they bypass it......