Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lots of Touch Pen for DS Part 1

Oooohh boy, I haven't been to Play-Asia for sometime but when I checked in yesterday I found a slew of Touch pen that was recently launched. There are some that had restocked while others was newly stocked. All in all there are at least 5 type of DS Stylus that is contending for the best seller. Personally, I wanted one of the metal stylus.Like the one found HERE. They had two choices. A BLACK Metal stylus and a WHITE metal stylus. I am leaning towards the SILVER metal stylus though. It looks.. shiny..

Then there is another type found HERE which had 3 type of colour. A fellow friend bought a BLACK stylus while another fellow bought the PINK stylus. Again for this stylus, I am vying for the WHITE one. This set of stylus though is worth the money as it is bundled with 2 of the TOUCH PEN DS LITE. So basically you get 3 Styli in one set! Talk about value added!

Touch Pen DS Max though have been making wave after wave of appearance. The first appearance was when they launched 4 color of the Touch Pen. Orange, Lime Green, Black and Navy. Now though they had launched another 3 color available in Play-Asia. PINK, WHITE and LIGHT BLUE are the 3 colors available. It is not really that nice if you ask me. Though that might be because Play-Asia has a bad photographer.

The new contender from Sanei decided to try their hands on Touch Pen too, I must say though their design is successful, to a certain degree that is. Their touch pen is not exactly revolutionary. Their touch pen is designed.. Well. designed like a pencil if I may say so. Its ironic yet quite a novelty if I may say so. There are of course 2 color for user to choose from. A GREEN and ORANGE Touch Pen.