Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boy Meets Tamagotchi, Boy Fell in love

"Tamagotchi Invades Times Square"

It was a sunny day in the world of fairytale. A boy took a walk in the times of the square, The boy prance and pounce and stumbled upon the yellow mount. Mouth gaping, eyes wide the boy shout in amazement and laugh at whats bound

"Andy grinning ear to ear"

Well then, It seems that the sight of Tamagotchi made Andy superbly happy. Fellow looks as if he just stepped into disney land ^ . ^ Anyway, It seems Bandai is holding a short fair to commorate the arrival of Tamagotchi version 4 to malaysia. So they are currently retailing most items at a SLIGHTLY cheaper price then normal. All bandai stuff ranging from Power rangers to Tamagotchi and to Gundam can be found that. And yeah, you got it right. There is two very very long row of gashapon machine available there.

Whats even better, some of the gashapon machine only cost 1 token. And all of the gashapon machines features most of the NEW and OLD gashapon available in the whole of malaysia. Did I mention that its only 1 token? Yeap. Only 1!

Pictures says a thousand word so I am gonna stop ranting and start the pix. Enjoy!


Gregory said...

Where is that Mario gashapon!?!1

Reveur said...

Which?! Which?!?!