Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lots of Touch Pen for DS Part 2

Until now though, the ever popular Touch pen would be the

COMFORTABLE TOUCH PEN DS LITE which as sold more then I can ever count and last I remembered would be the 4th time they restocked. Yeap, thats how popular this touch pen is!

Personally I have at least 3 set of touch pen. Each one sold out already due to the ever popularity of it or cannot be found on Play-Asia. One is the extendable metal touch pen, another is a Nintendog DS touch pen and the last one is a broken off metal touch pen. ( Will tell you how it broke off in the future ) Currently what I am looking into though is a LITE SLIPON PUNCHING POUCH. Weirdest name I ever heard but damn the pouch sure looks cool. what with the bee hive hole and the nice even whitish color. Again, the pouch has two colour. WHITE and BLACK.

The one last thing I have been eyeing though is this INNER EAR EARPHONE for DS Lite. It looks decent but what I am more concerned for is the sounds. If anyone had one of the hori earphone. Give me a holler and tell me how the sound is like. Or else I will be keeping my money and getting a SHURE earphone.


Samus Ng said...

I'll tell you what ( about earphones) get the shure. even better if you can get Koss or Senheiser their really good my father recommends them to all.