Sunday, May 13, 2007


Ok ok, I have been putting a huge huge hope that they actually are going to make a Halo on DS. But alas, a recent article on DSFANBOY proved otherwise. :(

To quote what they said is as below

Enter last night's San Francisco Halo 3 beta event. The Bungie team, responsible for the development of all things Halo, were interviewed by numerous gaming outlets and media sources, including one Rumor Reporter. When asked about the ill-fated Halo DS, Bungie's Brian Gerrard, Director of Franchise and Community Affairs, commented, "Wow, I have never heard or seen such a project, nor do we have plans for any DS Halo title."
Quoted from DSFANBOY

You guyz just broke my little dream and hope. Haihz...

Full article can be located HERE