Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Whats your first console?

Do you remember the time when you bought your first console or your first hand held console? I remeber mine. I can trace it all the way to the first Gameboy Light which was made a couple of year after GameBoy I believe. From there I moved on to my second Gameboy Color. I was super excited when I got it. That was the time Pokemon Red and Blue came out. I even got all 151 pokemon that time!

Anyway, after awhile I managed to trade in my Game Boy Color to a Game Boy Advance. A white one If I don't remember wrongly. but the color doesn't suit me. So I trade it in again for a clear purple GBA. After 3 years or more down the road, I lost contact with my GBA. It laid dorment in a dark corner of my room for so long until I came to KL a year and a half ago ( time passes by so fast)

Then half a year or so ago, I got my DS Lite. Frankly I was looking for a way out from playing World Of Warcraft. It was an escape from griefing low level idiots and killing rogue,shaman and warrior at the same time. ( I am a Mage you see. Skillful one if I may say so)

There is a pattern to my gaming life. All my gaming console are either handheld or portable. Maybe because its easier to keep or hide it from prying eyes. Or maybe I like my gaming on the go. I am never pulled towards PS3 or Wii. Now though, my next console target is a PSP.

Can you trace your Nintendo gaming history or Gaming history in general?


xenohawk said...

I think my first console is a Atari clone bought by my dad, and later on I got my own Gameboy for handheld. After that it's all PC gaming era until Playstation came.

Hehe, I actually bought the PS3 recently to put a dead stop to my addiction to World of Warcraft. It was the repeat raiding non-stop for 6 months and eating all the time until it wasn't fun anymore.

Thank god for the expansion for WoW that came out earlier which gave me the chance to put a stop.

Now I'm all for console games, I've had it with constant upgrade for PC and the 10 years dedication to PS3 seems to be good.

Reveur said...

You dont miss your time PVP ing? I sure as heck miss those time...

xenohawk said...

I don't PVP much, more of full-time raider. But I miss those allied town mass-raid.