Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mario, Namco Sound Drop and Pop Up Keychain Card

Just when I thought that there will be a long lull until the launching of Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 on 16th of May, in comes a few more Mario figurine and cushion for those that hunger for more red hat mustached plumber. A figurine of 5 character of Mario is currently available in Play-Asia, Personally I see no fuss of getting this New Super Mario Bros. Mini Figure Collection Vol. 1 thingy as its just that. Figurine. But I am pretty sure some fanatic *Cough Jason Cough* will get it for the sheer fact that its Mario.

Then there is this Namco Sound drop, for all you old classic game lover, this is the perfect thing to remind you of the enojoyable moment of your young life, playing the old classical Namco game or just peeking through the window while you look at those rich kid showing off to you. Well no more! You can now be a rich brat and get this Namco Classics Sound Drops Gashapon and show it off to your friends

What catches my eye though is this Nintendo DS Pop-up Card Case Phone Strap. I have absolutely no idea what that thing does as it will be pretty stupid to put your DS game into a pop up card case and hang it around your cell phone. First, its too big, secondly its damn dangerous. What if it accidently pop out while you are crossing the road? Say bye bye to your precious DS Game!

Saving the best for last though is this cute cute hat of Super Mario Bros. Hat Cushion: Mario and Super Mario Bros. Hat Cushion: Luigi made into a cushion! A cushion for you to hug while you play your New Super Mario Bros or any other game for the matter. CUTE! I mean come on! Whats best to get into the Mario mentality but with a cushion for you to hug while you terrorize walking owls and torture turtle!