Sunday, May 6, 2007

Diner Dash DS and PSP Preview!

It's been a while since I last posted eh? Well a lot of crap happened since a week ago. First off, I went for a vacation at Cameron Highland. A superbly beautiful place! That is if you want to get away from modern life and also join in on some flower sniffing. I took a huge amount of picture that I wont be posting here due to the fact that this site is supposed to be a gaming blog. Although I only cover DS games :P

That aside, lets get back on track. There is a few things I want to highlight but today I will highlight this first. Diner Dash! Diner Dash first emerged in 2004 in the form of downloadable games published by PlayFirst. Diner Dash was so succesfull, It was ported to cel phone, retail, online and now, PSP, GBA and NDS!

The focus of our topic today is Diner Dash NDS version. I played it and boy do I love it. The game is a simple mechanism where you are supposed to control Flo the main character of the game to Order,Serve,Clean and take care of a restaurant. Its a simple no brainer game, but thats where the beauty lies in. As the game progress further and further the customer that Flo tend to starts to overflow and each customer has different type of personality. Some wants their service fast, some don't mind doing it nice and slow while some might create trouble for you.

As simple as this sounds, the game is superbly addictive. I played the Online version of Diner Dash before and I loved it. Now that Diner Dash is here in DS, you bet I will be running my restaurant while on the run :D

Diner Dash DS can be found HERE as Pre-Order

Diner Dash PSP can be found HERE as Pre-Order too!