Thursday, May 10, 2007

Missing Children

303 Missing on 2007
176 found

1485 Missing on 2006
900 found

1803 Missing on 2005
1254 found

2405 Missing on 2004
1752 found

If you are wondering whats those statistic are about, its the amount of missing children. Since the year of 2004, at least 6,000 children have been missing. majority of them are girls. as of now, only 4082 of the children are found. where is the remaining 1914 missing children?

That is the shocking revelation reported on New Straits Time today. I could not find a proper reason on what happened or what went wrong. All the missing child are below 18. There are at least 1914 family anguishing over their lost child. How do they sleep or go through their life knowing that they know nothing about the whereabout of their child I can never imagine.

Blames can be pushed between parents, authority, friends and even media. but in the end, its the responsibility of the parent and the child itself. Try as you might to blame others, but if the child is not taken care of wisely, not being thought carefully, and left to their own intention, there is nothing that can be done.

For those that know of missing child, think of the anguish the parents are going through, for those that are planning to run, think of how you are going to survive. Boys will be marked off as beggar by certain syndicates. Girls will be prostituted. This is no joke, this is no scare. This is reality. no amount of games will get you away from the harsh truth. Live with it. Beware of it.

My hearts goes out to all the missing child and their family member. May they find peace in whatever solace they have.