Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Plushies for the softer side of you

I admit it, I am a sucker for plushies, cute things, cuddly things and huggable things. This can be attributed to my affinity towards the bed. As much as my friends associate me to king kong ( due to how hairy my hands can be and how "huge" i am) and the fact that I am supposed to be "manly" the softer side of me keeps butting out at the wrong moment. Presenting itself especially when there are cute things around

Case in point, I would be the one dragging my GF into a plushie shops instead of the other way around. I have no aversion walking into girl's accessories shop. Its amazing on how many design they have for a simple hair clip. Try asking going into any hair accessories shop and ask for hair clip. They will drop out a huge catalog and drown you in a sea of choices.

Thankfully enough, I get my dose of cuteness from online sites and what not. Granted the choice of cute things from Play-Asia is getting more and more limited. There are still some good stuffs here and there. Here are some of the choices.

One Piece DX Chopper Plush Doll Type A $15.90

Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Tonberry $24.90

Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Cactuar $24.90

Final Fantasy Stuffed Plush Doll: Moggle $24.90

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-Because I Can-