Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First 5! Magician's Quest Mysterious Time

This is too much like animal crossing to me. In fact, it's a complete rip off. The voice over, the graphic style, the gameplay style even the buttons! It screams ANIMAL CROSSING!

It's not a bad thing though :D, here before you scream plagiarism and what not. Let me explain. Animal Crossing as we know it is a game of life. You go to a town, you live a life there with a bunch of animals with weird accent and never question why are you in a town full of animals.
Magician's Quest Mysterious Time or known as Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardy in euro

Magician's Quest Mysterious Time or known as Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardy in euro does not question you with that, you are enrolled into a magic school to study and become a wizard. You get to choose how your face looks like, what kind of hair and various other  things. Funny enough, the premise of going into a school with weird character works better here than in Animal Crossing.

Anyway, lets head into gameplay


 The game have you living a life of a magic student. Something akin to Harry Potter, you are given a dorm, instruction to go to class and then instruction to go to work with some auntie over at a shop. Very Tom Nookish but minus the debts. From then on, you carry on your life in this new world. You date people, you talk to nonsensical animals, you collect mushrooms, shake trees, fish, dig and everything that you can do in Animal Crossing. Except for magic.

The crux of this game is doing magic in the world. Well, what do you expect! Its a magic world! Granted I have yet to reach the magical hocus pocus part, but from I gathered, it does not affect the game much.

There are a number of shops available ingame instead of the monarchy businessman style by Tom Nook. There is the fashion shop, the hairstylist, the magical item shop, banks and various others.


Its colourfully cute, the graphic covers both screen, top and bottom with wonderfully coloured structure and buildings comprising of contrast colours. The characters are made out of animals, robots, fruits and various other stuff with super deformed body.


The characters speaks in annoying voices which is high pitched and sounds suspiciously like japan. When I played the game, its already at 11.30 hence there is a lack of music. Again, this is something like Animal Crossing.


This is a game for those that loved animal crossing and wanted something more, wanted something that has been plaguing them since the last time they visited another town, plucked the apple and various other things. Konami answered the cry with Magician's Quest Mysterious Time which can actually turns out to be a good game.

The only thing that Animal Crossing has it going against this game is time hence only time will tell how good Magician's Quest Mysterious Time will be. But for now, I wouldn't mind plunging into this new world of its own.

Magician's Quest Mysterious Time can be purchased HERE

-Because I Can-