Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Movie Review: Push

There are movies that took 1 hour 30 minutes to tell the back story of what lead to this movie, then there are movies that threw you into the depth of it all and expects you to understand the crux of the story through tid bits that are given out by characters

Then there are the really daring one, throwing you into the movie whole heartedly with just a short explanation of what happened before and explain naught about why this happens, why they are there, what happened to the rest of them and leaving more blanks in the hole than my bank account.

"Push" does both of them, it gives you a glimpse of what lead to this, then it whack head on to the story and tells bits and pieces of what has happened and then leave you blank for the rest of the story with no explanation of why they are there or what are the bad guys are trying to achieve.

(it is very hard to review this movie without spoiler)

This is what "Push" is all about. There are super powered ppl in this world with names that easily denote what they can do. The effects are pretty cool and the setting is located in Hong Kong. Now, the american actors are pretty good in what they do, the hongkies ain't bad either. That is, untill they open their mouth to talk. The dialogue is stiff and emotionless. Granted, half the audience watching it in the states don't understand what the heck that china man is mouthing but is still a glaring thing in a good movie such as this. I thank god for the lack of dialogue for the hongkies

I say this movie is good due to its essence, but not for its storyline. The loop holes in the story is so bad some would cry but the action packed fighting with super power is well done.


The movie is an entertaining action packed movie with a lot of ass kicking and question raised. What with the ending that leaves a lot of question unanswered, the movie pratically screams "Push 2"

-Because I Can-



strike said...

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