Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First 5! Dynasty Warrior: Strikeforce

How do you review a game such as this which has a few incarnation in the past and has yet to change its concept after so long? I am at my wits end when I thought of the idea that there is another Dynasty Warrior game that is coming out.

But funny thing is, they changed this particular game concept. Well it still have the similar hack and slash everything that you see but this one is a bit akin to ARPG such as Monster Hunter. In fact, veteran of MH will see the similarity of both games in term of concept but every other similarity ends there.


Its Hack and Its Slash.

Dynasty Warrior is well known not for its elaborate text and storyline or its complicated strategy and abundance of planning of every step. Dynasty Warrior is  a game of hack the first guy you see, slash the second unfortunate fellow standing behind him.

True to its nature since the dawn of its time, Strikeforce's immediate gameplay did not change but there are significant improvement done to the game. Instead of getting handed with big weapons drop and ability to purchase bigger badder weapons, Strikeforce tweaked it into making and customizing your own weapons.

Want a brand new twin blade? You got to collect a set of materials dropped by enemy or found throught the map which can then be used to create new weapons.Want your attack to hold more damage then hack and slash? You gotta buy orbs which can be equipped to your leg or hands, transforming your attack to add extra damage. You can also equip orbs to make you jump higher, move faster and various other things. This gives you a lot of customizable moves based on your preference!

Now then, the second coolest thing has got to be the "Awakened" form. While fighting, you will slowly collct fury which will is below the life gauge, once it is filled, you can trigger your "Awakened" form which allows you to go Super Saiya! In this form, your fury bar will slowly deplete and your damage will be higher, you can also activate musou attack which deals devastating attack to whichever unfortunate soul infront of u.

Then there is the weapons, each character can equip 2 set of weapons. Pressing O will trigger weapon change, your type of attack also changes on the type of weapon you use. To put it generally, you can forget what Dynasty Warrior used to be and concentrate on the fact that Strikeforce is something brand new.

Did I also mention that the bosses are no pushover? The final boss of Chapter 1 has me panting by the end of the fight due to the sheer amount of craziness attack they had over you and the amount of air battle that goes on. This brings me to a problem that Strikeforce has. The camera. It sucks.

Half the time you have no idea where the hell the attack is coming from due to the bad camera angle. The only saviour for this problem its the map function that pin point exactly where the enemy are. Without that, you will have a hard time knowing where the hell the fellow you are supposed to kill is located.


The graphic is in one word, fairy tale like. Its very pretty and has a twinge of misty effect to it, masking part of the area that might look pixelated while turning the game into the right atmosphere for the era.Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea what to say about the graphic. Its erm... Cool?


 This game is set to be one of the best game available in the market for PSP now, if you have loved monster hunter or loved hack and slash, get it. It is worth buying. It is very worth buying. With its mistified graphic,customizable attack type character, level based play style. Dynasty Warrior: Strikeforce is set to be in your PSP for a long time.

P/S: Did I mention that there will not be any partner available to back you up in a fight? Your only option is going multiplayer if you need help. This of course makes it more fun to play as a game are made more enjoyable with friends curses and laughter while slashing your way through history. 

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-Because I Can-