Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening Song MTV

 A bit of recap first. For those that are VERY VERY UNINITIATED, Full Metal Alchemist or FMA has a new anime which has been airing since April and is now in Eps 4 even as we speak. From what I have gathered from much reading online, the anime will be a redrawn following the Manga's storyline. Considering that the Manga is coming to an end soon, they are banking on this fact and redoing the anime again.

What makes this a fantastic and wet dream come true for fans is the fact that we are able to finally see the series reliven again after the Manga ends. The anime even kicks off with a very appropriate song called AGAIN by YUI. Its a very very good song. I kid you not. Watch the MTV below.

Again - Yui

-Because I Can-