Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NDSi - Get?

I am thinking, key word. THINKING of getting an NDSi

I have perfectly good reason of doing that and the least of them is coz it looks cool or its another new NDS console or coz I wanna stick it up me ears. But I am faced with the questionable question of, is it worth it getting it? Yes it has dual touch screen. Yes it has bigger screen. Yes it has nicer speaker and yes it has cameras, yes it has all those nifty little gadget that will make a nerd scream in ecstasy whenever they touch it.


1. Enlarged Screen (17% Bigger at 3.25")
2. Reduced Size (about 12% thinner)
3. Two built-in cameras
[Still waiting to see what's this for]
4. SD memory card slot to save pictures and display them on Wii
[Don't need this]
5. Built-in Browser
[Nice, but still need to see how good it is & how does it cope with heavy sites]
6. Built-in Music Playback
[Don't need that, I have an iPod for this]
7. Download & Store games on SD card
[Eh? They supporting pirates now?]

But the thing is, is it worth getting it NOW? I mean its new, its ability is not yet tested, the game that support it is not yet coming in drove, and like every new things, I wouldn't be surprised that the new batch of NDSi will get a similar broken hinge problem like the old first batch of white coloured NDS.

Granted asking such a question or even stating such a thing in a fanboy forum will create riots but still I am dying to know if there is any foreseeable problem with the new NDSi. Meh, I am being a scardy cat by not making a move now but my wallet is much more important than a scream fest. I can do that in the coming Final Fantasy Orchestra in Singapore. Which reminds me, anyone have spare ticket for that? I found out too late about it and the tickets are already sold out. Sigh!

But if I were really going to get an NDSi now, I am going for a special edition one such as the Kingdom Hearts Version above which you can start booking for SOON at over
A bit of comparison between the
Older, Old & New DSs

-Because I Can-



Lizzie said...

Get IT!! Then sell ur old one to me if it is still in good condition, mine is dying