Monday, April 13, 2009

Seiko watches bought from City Chain Malaysia went Haywire after 2 month

Oh yeah, thats basically it.

2 month ago, my lovely gf bought me a Seiko watch as part of our anniversary + valentine gift. The watch is anything BUT cheap. It is expensive, so lets leave it at that. So now its 2 month later and guess what happened?

The damn watch brokedown. I swear to god, it did not bang it, scratch it or drop it or does anything to warrant getting it broken but there it is, it refuse to work. This is what happened.

The watch will stop whenever the second timer reaches 40 seconds. Shake the watch vigorously when you are wearing it or turn the watch knob a bit and the watch will resume normal operation. Move around while wearing the watch and it will get stuck again. Leave it alone at the altar or table and it will also get stuck and stop again.

Pink Circle: Thats the Second timer which stopped every time it reach 41 sec
Blue Circle: see that circle? thats the alarm circle. It still moves perfectly fine
See the whole watch? Yeah, it stopped at 2. If its working well, its supposed to be in sync with the alarm timer. Which is to meanm its supposed to be 4:15 not 2:00

The battery is perfectly fine, the alarm clock which is another 3rd smaller timer inside the watch which moves in synch with the time also works well. Its just the second timer which counts the second (duh?) that fucks up. I am giving a hell of hurt tonight to the City Chain salesman if he aint polite. Granted the bugger is innocent. I still feel like venting on him. Mr. Nice Guy I am not tonight

-Because I Can-



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