Monday, June 8, 2009

First 5! Knights in the Nightmare

Knights in the Nightmare is one of THE MOST unorthodox storyteller ever. It took me 5 hours of smashing through the game to finally allow me to grasp what is happening. Instead of the normal back and forth storyline, what you get here is back and forth in literal sense, story telling.

The history, the current event and what is happening is explained in bits and pieces scattered all over. The first few chapter have you wondering what the hell is going on, but as you progress the story will start to make sense at the puzzle fits in. It is a very unorthodox way to tell a story but it is very very interesting storytelling method.


 The combat system in Knights in the Nightmare is a complicated and hectic affair where you would have to do 10 things at one time while making sure you don't do the wrong thing. Think of it as a chess game except that its a whole lot more complicated.

You will be controlling something that is called a Wisp, like its namesake, the Wisp is small and bright. Using the wisp, you will issue command to your troops, give them weapon to attack and the very important part. Avoiding attack by the enemy. Your troops take no damage from the enemy, only the wisp does. Hence playing Knights in the Nightmare feels at times to be playing a Dodge ball game as you frantically select the required weapon, attach it to the correct troop, dodge an attack be the enemy, charge your attack, wait for the enemy to get within range, dodge more enemy attack and then release your charged attack.

Sounds hectic + complicated? It is very hectic but complicated it is not. Just make sure you read through the tutorial at the front before starting the game and you are good to go.


Utterly superbly rendered. A million things may be going on onscreen but the beautifully rendered color, the multi-colored attack, the seamless transition between stationary animation and attacking animation coupled together create a superb game play graphic that does not feel forced but copes well with the capability of NDS.


Eerily scary at times, upbeat at the right moment and also superbly composed, Knights in the Nightmare music is a great music for this game. It creates the right mood and the right feeling for the right scene.


Knights in the Nightmare is one of the sleeper hit of 2009, amidst the incoming onslaught of better well-known game such as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysChrono Trigger and various others (cough, cough, Pokemon Platinium Cough, choke) Knights in the Nightmare is a must get game for this month for me.

Purchase your copy of Knights in the Nightmare HERE for only USD39.90

-Because I Can-