Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Doctor is IN the HOUSE

Right, the title is a bit lame but hey, did you know that HOUSE M.D is being made into a game? And not only one game, its coming for DS, PC and WII! Way to kill your franchise in one shot guys! At least you left the rest of the big boys console out of the equation. Some might note my sarcasm and apprehension of this game. Well you are right, I am apprehensive, wait no. the word I am looking for is.... a lot worse than apprehensive.

When was the last time a TV Show turn Game has ever been successful? Or remotely even play nice? Seriously! I love House ever since introduced to it on Season 3. but making House into a game? Man....

Anyway, moaning aside you will get to play as part of House's Medical Diagnosis team which involves you solving the medical mystery, questioning patients to the point of tear or outrage, breaking into people's house and all the other thing we saw on the TV Show yet don't understand.Granted the game would be less fun if House is directing his wrath and sarcasm at us....

The game would be out in the Holidays, which one? I have no idea.

First heard of House game from Kotaku

-Because I Can-