Thursday, June 11, 2009

Start Walking Boy with your Personal Trainer: Walking for DS

We first had Wii Sports, Then we had Wii Fit.
Realising that the need to exercise and maybe, just maybe, the fact that the portability of DS might help more in the exercise department, the FIEND in Nintendo decided that DS Owners need their personal trainers too.

In comes the atrocious Personal Trainer: Walking.

Aptly named as Personal Trainer: Walking, this is a game that for better or not. Looks damn interesting to me. The game comes with 2 Personal Activity Meter which you clip onto your clothes or anywhere on you. It will automatically record your every step taken throughout the day and then synced to your Nintendo DS. Think of it as a cool ADD ON for your clothing accessory. The rest of it are just mumbo jumbo where it converts your walking data into colorful crayon drawings. You can also rake up points which can be used to unlock games. So if you wanna get more points, walk more. Alternatively, you can also tag the Activity Meter to your dog and let thy little wolfy do the walking.

This might just get me off from the damn couch and start walking. For real

  • Users toss an Activity Meter into a pocket or purse, or clip it onto a belt, and Personal Trainer: Walking does the rest. The meters record every step taken throughout the day and can be synced to send data wirelessly to a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi system
  • The software converts users' information into fun, interactive graphical displays. These "life rhythm" readouts allow users to discover interesting facts about their levels of activity throughout the day and help them avoid being sedentary. Data for up to four users can be stored on one game card. Users can even clip a meter to a dog's collar and record walking data for their pets as well
  • Personal Trainer: Walking invites users to set daily walking goals, but it also helps them to recognize their activity patterns over longer periods of time. It records up to five years' worth of walking data to help users track their progress. This collection of data can motivate people to set new goals and become more active
  • Personal Trainer: Walking is the first Nintendo DS game to use Mii™ characters. Users can import their Mii characters from the Wii console or create new ones using the Personal Trainer: Walking software. Users can even create Mii characters for their dogs
  • The "Walk the World" feature lets users draw pictures on the face of the Earth using the total number of steps they take, while users who have wireless broadband Internet access can see a display of the total steps taken by users around the world on their virtual journey to other planets in "Space Walk"

How much money you wanna bet that this things will take the world by force for 2 weeks and forgotten in 2 months? Or that it will eventually appear in the Bargain Bin for Playasia?

You can make your Pre-Order HERE at Play-Asia. The going price now is US$ 59.90

-Because I Can-