Monday, June 15, 2009

Prototype (PC) - Reviewed

Step away Hulk, Spiderman, Wolverine, Venom, Carnage & every other conceivable heroes & villains. Here comes Alex Mercer the most unassuming assuming Anti-Hero

Brought to life from the death literally from virus that run amuck in his body and Manhattan, Alex Mercer is out for blood. Based on an open world action game, the game progression is Fast. literally. Alex Mercer moves like Pepsiman, he can run faster than a helicopter on highway, up buildings and jump from one building to another, putting the likes of Spiderman and Superman to shame with his speed and agility.

In normal games, if the character is fast, other's will be traded off for its speed. This is not so with Prototype. Alex Mercer can throw a car at flying helicopter, jump onto a tank and rip the cover off without effort and also do HULK SMASH on the floor, throwing shockwave around like a length of silkcloth.


The gist of Prototype is this, Alex Mercer is having an amnesia and is trying to figure out what is wrong with him after waking up in a morgue (talk about waiting up on the wrong side of the bed), he is unable to remember his past nor why is he suddenly able to run up walls, pick up another person effortlestly and do like Venom, assimilating with anyone that he wants to. Or to put it bluntly, eating anyone he wants to gain their memory, skill & looks. It is superbly fun to play Prototype as you get to run around on rooftops, unlocking intriguing story, watching the landscape of manhattan change as the infection takes over the city day by day while battling infected being and also military.


In Prototype, you run around with your legs, instead of hijacking vehicles which you can do later on by eating up drivers to learn how to drive tanks and helipad which will then allow you to commandeer the walking destruction machine to wreak havoc on anything you deem wreackable. Baring that, you can also morph your arms into claws, blades, hammer and whip to rain hell on the monsters. But if you are up for some fun, you can also pick up weapons, rocket launchers and others and shoot anything that moves.

Being able to assimilate anyone and anything while also raining havoc onto enemies open up a number of possibility for you to approach your missions, you can either morph into anything that looks military and walks into the military base, or you can send all the military based grunts go tither to get into the base. Its up to you.

Of course, after playing the game awhile, you would realise that Alex Mercer has no problem falling from the tallest building at full speed and then standing up with the casualest among the casualty of your jumping shockwave (see what i did there? Punded!) with nary a scratch on your health bar. The fact that you can also eat everything that runs on two legs in game also means that the health supply is aplenty ingame!


Strictly speaking, I was too engrossed in the gameplay rather than listen to the music, but! I can tell you this! The game has superb sound effect, the sound of distressed metal as you wrench it off the floor to chuck it at the tank or just to create mayhem on the street below, the squeal of the pitifull human as the monstrority called Infected ends their life or the plead of help and beg of mercy as you wreck havoc in game is as real as it can be and blends well into the overall gameplay.

There, I filled in the mandatory Music part of this review. Onwards next to the conclusion!


This is an utterly impossible game. Taking all the conventional things that makes a game likable and fun, Prototype throws that out the window and creates its own rule and its own story. The superb gameplay couple together with the intriguing storyline and side quest will keep anyone entertained for hours end. I for one were entertained and look forward to going home and boot up the game.

P/S: BTW Prototype is an incredibly violent game, blood, gore and other things is abundance in game, the language is colourful and will make babies cry in sleep while the action is incredibly violent. Don't say I didnt warn you.... 

Prototype is available for 3 consoles, PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 click HERE to see the full list of PROTOTYPE availability

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