Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alvin and The Chipmunks Movie Review

Here Comes Trouble! A 5 time grammy award animated music group of 3 Chipmunks! Consisting of Alvin the Macho chipmunk, Simon the Smart one and Theodore the cute chipmunks. For those in the late 20's they will best know Alvin and the chipmunks from the animation made over 50 years ago! Heck! Even I at the age of 23 remember the chipmunks!

Anyway, The movie endears you with its renditioning of popular song such as Bad Day, Only you and its very own song such as Christmas Don't be Late and Witch Doctor! Each song are sang in a high pitch fast note which leaves the audience in stitches. Without revealing too much about the movie, this is what I can say about it

The movies is about the 3 chipmunks meeting David Seville a song writer, and turning his life into hell. It also shows slight moral aspect included into the movie for children. The acting is life like and even believable! The dialog is witty and leaves the audience yearning for more while the songs together with its dancing scene keeps you wondering if the whole thing was done by motion capturing devise ( or the guy can really draw).

All in all, Alvin and the Chipmunks might sound like a movie you would want to pass over due to its not so well known title or the fact that its yet another cartoon meet real life movie, but taking into account that I was totally thrust into the movie theater unexpected and not knowing what the movie is all about I enjoyed the movie a LOT more than the Golden Compass.

If you are debating to either watch This or That, I would say the chipmunks win my heart over.The Soundtrack "Witch Doctor" is especially Good. Check out the song below!

-Because I Can-