Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Reviewed: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

There are quite a number of good games that can be found on Nintendo DS. Some are superb, most are the worse of the megalomic kind made by a bunch of monkey smashing onto a keyboard and hoping against hope that the gamers would not notice that this is but a very bad games or a reincarnation of a good title with bad content.

But let us not go to the dark side. Let us focus on the good games that are worth getting during this Christmas season. (Not that there is not enough must buy list going around the blogs and website nowadays) Lets start off with the review shall we?


The graphic of the game is FF3 style graphic frankly. The character are small and petite, the landscapes are in 3D. There is nothing much to say about it if you have played FF3 on NDS. It is more or less of the same kind of graphic. But what blends well though is how the color comes together. It not overly bright and not overly dark in dungeon. The whole thing blended nicely together and coming together to create a game that is superb in design but mundane in graphic ( if you get my drift )


Well what do you know, this is one of the factor I love most of Revenant Wings. The music is just reminisce of a perfect FF game. Soft tone during the save menu, epic music during battles and funky funny music for the rest. The musics sets the tone of the game pretty well. In fact, I like the music in Revenant Wings more then the music in FF3. Granted, that may not be much but it has been quite some time since a game music captured my attention. ( Not taking into account of Subarashi Kono Sekai: It's A Wonderful World which I have just purchased less then [check watch] 10 minutes ago)


The meat of the whole thing, the root of all evil. The downfall of mankind. Or in this case, the downfall of a game. Many if not most gamer are turned back by the genre of RTS due to Heroes of Mana very very useless AI and the long tutorial. I am not even going to talk about the nightmare one has to go through to actually start the game.
But enough of that, Revenanyt Wings gameplay are surprisingly good. The AI is smart, the level is challenging ( at certain point) and there are a number of side-quest which you can do to get further gratification from the game itself.

The game even introduced a skill tree system or in this case, skill round stone plate ( I have no idea what its called) where you can unlock summoned monster which acts as your soldier. Each monster have different attribute, different weakness and strength so a certain planning might be needed before unlocking anything. This alone added quite a few moment of frustration where you are torn between the point of either getting the Ramuh or Cactuar.


You sure you wanna know the story? Really now? Are you sure? Ok ok Highlight the below sentence to get your story



This is a good game well worth getting just for the fact that it has good AI, interesting story, superb music and surprisingly good gameplay. Recommended if you are a fan of FF, RTS or Good Game.

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